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From Authors

“It’s excellent… Deep, dark, haunting, beautiful short stories.”
– Liz Fenwick, author of The Cornish House

“It’s an unsettling and sometimes bleak read, but an important one nevertheless… Highly recommended for those who like their books unnerving/chilling.”
Working Out Weltanschauung by Adam Dalton, author of Chronicles of a Cosmic Warlord

“A well-crafted and compelling series of short stories that solidifies Patis as a powerful voice in literature. Her rich writing kept me interested and I knew as a reader I was in able hands. I look forward to Patis’ future works. If Weltanschauung is any indication, Patis is an author to have on your radar.”
– Tiffany McDaniel, author of The Summer That Melted Everything

“Each story in Weltanschauung blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, keeping the reader in a slight fog of uncertainty. They are often dark but are well-written and certainly kept my attention. Reading these stories gave me the creepy sensation that Patis knows something about the greater world order that I don’t know.”
– Jillian DiGiacomo, author of Codename Cupcake

From Bloggers

“Weltanschauung is a book of short stories, each of which stands on its own… These stories look at losing someone close, how death affects us and how choices can have significant effects. Vikki Patis gives us many strong female protagonists with a voice and unique personality… Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it in the end.”
– David Spell, The Scary Reviews

“Short stories are often not given the respect they deserve in the literary arena. Yet an author who can master telling a complete and compelling short stories truly understands the backbone from which all longer works of literature are built… My favorite story is “Only If”. This story delves into the mind of a surviving twin who must go on after the other commits suicide… I read it more than once because it just felt so raw and emotional.”
– Terri, TerriLuvsBooks

“Despite its German language title – meaning worldview – this collection of five short stories is firmly rooted in English culture. I liked that several of the offerings are set in the West Country, not so far from my Devon home! Patis explores dark themes, putting her mostly very ordinary characters into extraordinary situations where their mental health and resilience are severely tested. She is not constrained by any specific genre so the tales encompass horror, thriller and dystopian science fiction, all with a chilling psychological aspect that I particularly enjoyed.”
– Stephanie, Literary Flits


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