Funding anti-choice organisations with the tampon tax is violence against women

When I read the news that a percentage of the tampon tax has been going to anti-choice organisations, I thought it was a joke. It was April 1st, after all. But, sadly, it's true. The British government is using money from the tampon tax to fund anti-choice organisations, and dressing it up as supporting women. Let [...]

Girls are skipping school because they can’t afford sanitary products – but the government has “no plans” to help them

Girls in the UK are missing school because they cannot afford basic feminine hygiene products. Yes, you read that right. A petition was set up to make tampons and sanitary towels free for females. It states: "Menstruation is a natural part of life for almost every female on the planet. The fact that women have [...]

Not A Diet: Protein Smoothies Part 1

I've been working with personal trainer and inspiring woman Colette for a week now, and we've come to the conclusion that my diet needs changing up. It seems I have a severe lack of protein, so we were chatting about how to add more to my diet. A quick Google search came up with several protein shake [...]

Not A Diet: Getting fit with fibromyalgia

As readers of this blog may know, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in May last year. On the advice of the doctor, I made an attempt to get healthier. And so, Not A Diet was born. *trigger warning* I'll be talking about eating disorders, OCD, and my abusive childhood. Proceed with caution. A bit of [...]

Keeping Abortion On The NHS

You may have heard of the petition for removing abortions from the NHS. Emanuel Ngochinya doesn't believe that women should be able to access safe, legal, and free abortions through our National Health Service, regardless of whether we pay into it or not. Emanuel, sadly, lives about fifteen minutes from me. His face and vile words [...]

Strike 4 Repeal: March 8th 2017

Join your Irish sisters on March 8th 2017 to fight for women's reproductive rights. Abortion is illegal in Ireland, thanks to a clause in the Irish Constitution known as the Eighth Amendment. It deems that life begins at fertilisation, and a foetus is granted the same rights as a woman. Fuck. That. Noise. The Bandwagon [...]

What’s A Girl Gotta Do?: Bartholin’s Glands

Welcome to the new feature on The Bandwagon. What's A Girl Gotta Do? will focus on issues that particularly affect women, and I'll be discussing how we're usually at a disadvantage, particularly when it comes to medical issues. Warning! This post delves into the occurrence of Bartholin's cysts and abscesses. A fairly strong stomach may [...]

Some Girls Do: A’s Story

This is a story submitted to The Bandwagon by a brave young woman. She's choosing to stay anonymous, and we will respect that choice. Just as we will respect her ability to speak out. The Bandwagon is always open to guest posts, and encourages survivors of rape, sexual and domestic abuse, to submit their stories [...]