The Handmaid’s Tale: Heart of glass

The Handmaid's Tale hit our screens in the UK on Channel 4 three weeks ago, several weeks behind the US. Please note, there will be spoilers for the first three episodes below. Proceed with caution. In Gilead, women are ranked on how useful they are to society. If they're fertile, they become a Handmaid, subjected [...]

13 Reasons Why teaches us that we must confront rape culture

Last week, I binge-watched the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which is based on the book by Jay Asher. Like many people, it affected me, touched me, and forced me to relive my own experiences. Trigger Warning This blog post will discuss sexual assault, rape, and suicide, as well as the far-reaching consequences of [...]

Good Girls Revolt: Sexy, Relevant & Feminist AF

Good Girls Revolt, a brand new show available on Amazon Video, features a fictionalised account of a very real story - of women fighting their boss for equal rights. Meet Patti, Cindy, Jane, and all the other women who work as researchers at News of the Week, the fictional magazine that only hires male reporters, and [...]