Ask The Author: Niki Meadows

Author Niki Meadows chats to The Bandwagon about her writing process. Niki has also chosen The Bandwagon to reveal the title of her new book! 1) What inspired you to start writing? Well, I thought it was fun to keep a diary as a kid and journal as a teen that I kept up into [...]

A Character In Reality by Nicholas Bridgman

I review A Character In Reality by Nicholas Bridgman. What would you do if a character in a novel you wrote actually came to life? What if the character learned his whole reality was just a construct created by you, the story’s narrator? In A Character in Reality, Detective Gladstone, a fictional character from the narrator’s [...]

Book Review: Where Freedom Rings by Steven Donahue

The author kindly sent me a copy of his book for review. Where Freedom Rings features the Colvers, a family of slaves living on a plantation. Although a life of bondage is brutally hard to say the least, Wade and Kelsa are terrified of trying to escape, knowing all too well the dangers and repercussions [...]