Just Pristine Cleaning Services

For those of us living with a chronic illness, managing to do everything we need to do every day can be tough. Whether it's working full-time, looking after the kids, running errands, food shopping, cleaning - or all of the above! - chronic illnesses can make everyday life even more difficult to deal with. I [...]

Guest Blog: Read About Jim Webster’s Woman In Love

Author Jim Webster jumps on The Bandwagon to tell you all about his Woman In Love. I had a cunning plan once. Whenever you publish a new book you get this little jump in all your sales. So if I published more often I’d get this boost more often. But I cannot write three books [...]

Blog Tour: Witches Tea Party by Mark Taylor

Welcome to the first stop on the Witches Tea Party blog tour! Witches Tea Party is a fabulous novella which captivates the reader from early America to present day. Like any good supernatural story, it's all-encompassing, introducing many creatures and beings, and breathing life into old favourites. Magic awaits you. About The Book In Salem, [...]