NOS4R2 by Joe Hill

I decided to reread NOS4R2 as my Halloween read this year. It first landed on my review pile a couple of years ago, along with Horns, and I loved them both immensely. And so I've just realised that I haven't officially reviewed NOS4R2 yet, which is incredibly sloppy of me. So, here it is. NOS4R2 is [...]

The Fireman by Joe Hill

I review The Fireman, the latest work of brilliance by Joe Hill. The world is on fire. Dragonscale aka Draco Incendia Trychophyton is a spore that transmits itself through the ash of the bodies it causes to burst into flame. Its victims are covered in tattoos of flame, their eyes glowing, their bodies a walking [...]

Jumping On The Stephen King Bandwagon

I know, I know, I am once again late to the party. But, in my defence, I am an absolute wimp, and so I shy away from horror, or anything remotely scary. And yet, after watching Under The Dome on Amazon Prime, I thought, maybe Stephen King isn't so terrifying after all, and picked up the [...]