Ask The Author: Niki Meadows

Author Niki Meadows chats to The Bandwagon about her writing process. Niki has also chosen The Bandwagon to reveal the title of her new book! 1) What inspired you to start writing? Well, I thought it was fun to keep a diary as a kid and journal as a teen that I kept up into [...]

Weltanschauung: Blog Tour

Welcome to the Weltanschauung blog tour! Over the next few weeks, I'll be popping into other blogs to say hello, & chat about various topics. See the full line-up below. Advice From Authors Rosie Amber November 20th 2016 Read it here! Stepping Into Horror The Scary Reviews November 25th 2016 Read it here! Writing As [...]

A Character In Reality by Nicholas Bridgman

I review A Character In Reality by Nicholas Bridgman. What would you do if a character in a novel you wrote actually came to life? What if the character learned his whole reality was just a construct created by you, the story’s narrator? In A Character in Reality, Detective Gladstone, a fictional character from the narrator’s [...]

Guest Blog: Read About Jim Webster’s Woman In Love

Author Jim Webster jumps on The Bandwagon to tell you all about his Woman In Love. I had a cunning plan once. Whenever you publish a new book you get this little jump in all your sales. So if I published more often I’d get this boost more often. But I cannot write three books [...]

Book Review: Where Freedom Rings by Steven Donahue

The author kindly sent me a copy of his book for review. Where Freedom Rings features the Colvers, a family of slaves living on a plantation. Although a life of bondage is brutally hard to say the least, Wade and Kelsa are terrified of trying to escape, knowing all too well the dangers and repercussions [...]

Ask the Author: Dion Crowe

I spoke to the lovely Dion Crowe about his writing process. Dion J. Crowe is a writer who dabbles in all genres and has a unique approach to storytelling. His first book, In Dark Times, is available as a paperback at and as an ebook at In Dark Times is an anthology that deals with [...]

Ask the Author: Karla Tipton

I spoke to indie author Karla Tipton about her new novel. Karla Tipton cut her literary teeth on gothic romances, Edgar Allan Poe and the vampire soap Dark Shadows. Long before there were sparkly vampires roaming through the cultural consciousness, she wrote about ordinary women time traveling through history and falling in love with powerful [...]

Ask the Author: Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto

This week, I spoke to indie authors Neil McGarry and Daniel Ravipinto about their fantasy series, The Grey City. According to the Bowker Report by Lulu, a self-publishing model, self-publishing is beginning to mature: Self-published titles jumped to more than 458,564 in 2013, increasing by 17 percent over 2012 and 437 percent over 2008. With [...]

Ask The Author: Claude Nougat

Claude Nougat, award-winning author living in Italy, recently contacted me about an interview. I was only too happy to oblige! On top of that, she was also kind enough to send me a gift coupon, so I could read and review her omnibus, Forever Young, ahead of her UK promotion.  Forever Young immediately put me in mind [...]

Ask The Author: J.K. Accinni

Earlier this week, I reached out to J.K. Accinni on Goodreads, and luckily, she was kind enough to respond. Accinni, author of the bestselling Species Intervention #6609 series, was born in Sussex County before moving to Randolph, New Jersey, where she now lives with her husband, five dogs and eight rabbits. Set during the years [...]