For Choice: Northern Ireland Abortion Pills Crackdown

On International Women's Day, police in Northern Ireland raided the homes of abortion rights campaigners looking for early medical abortion pills. The Bandwagon supports choice. The Bandwagon believes that women should have the ability - and the right - to choose for themselves. Read the words of the Abortion Support Network below, and do what [...]

Hugo’s Earthquake: Campaigning for homelessness awareness

Hugo's Earthquake is all about fighting for homelessness awareness and intervention, campaigning to ensure measures are put in place to prevent homelessness, and help those who do find themselves without a home. In February, it was announced that local councils were to receive £48 million to expand provision for the homeless in the UK. Hugo’s [...]

Some Girls Do: A’s Story

This is a story submitted to The Bandwagon by a brave young woman. She's choosing to stay anonymous, and we will respect that choice. Just as we will respect her ability to speak out. The Bandwagon is always open to guest posts, and encourages survivors of rape, sexual and domestic abuse, to submit their stories [...]