The Battle For ‘Ms’: Why are we so obsessed with titles?

Titles. For some reason, Brits think they're incredibly important - especially when it comes to women. But why are we so obsessed with determining whether a woman is married or not? The above picture outlines the conversation I had this afternoon with a customer service agent while attempting to renew my car insurance. He was [...]


The Handmaid’s Tale: Heart of glass

The Handmaid's Tale hit our screens in the UK on Channel 4 three weeks ago, several weeks behind the US. Please note, there will be spoilers for the first three episodes below. Proceed with caution. In Gilead, women are ranked on how useful they are to society. If they're fertile, they become a Handmaid, subjected [...]

Women’s March On London: 21st January 2017

On Saturday 21st January, women from all over the world are marching. The Women's Equality Party (WEP) will be leading the march on London, encouraging people of all genders and backgrounds to come together and fight misogyny. After Donald Trump was elected to become the next President of the US, women met online and discussed [...]

Have Yourself A Feminist Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The air is chilly, lights are twinkling in the trees, and it's perfectly acceptable to blast Michael Bublé from your car. But Christmas is also a time where inequality and sexism seeps through the cracks. Remember when you'd go to your nan's or aunt's for dinner during [...]

Theresa May has failed to act on gender equality – but WE won’t

Today, Theresa May marks her 100th day in office having taken no action to improve the lives of women in the United Kingdom, despite early promises of equality for all. The Women’s Equality Party, which at the start of May’s term as Prime Minister offered her six achievable policies on gender equality, said it would [...]