Guest Blog: Cornish author Jill Turner describes how Fowey inspires her writing

Jill Turner is a Fleet Street journalist and novelist and single mum, now based much of the time around Fowey. Like Daphne du Maurier, she visited it as a child and vowed to return there to become a writer. She has taken part in the Fowey Festival and, like Daphne, is inspired by her coastal [...]

Dave McDonald: Surviving A Camping Trip With The Kids

Dave McDonald from The Kayak Critic pops by The Bandwagon to share his wisdom and encourage parents to take the kids camping. Going on a camping trip with children can be fun, but it can also be a challenging one. Not all kids love the outdoors and if your tots are like most of the [...]

Long-overdue sex and relationships education must be inclusive and funded

The Women’s Equality Party welcomed the Government’s announcement today on compulsory sex and relationships education (SRE), but cautioned that giving schools flexibility should not provide a loophole for institutions to avoid teaching children about LGBT+ relationships. The party also called for a curriculum that understood and responded to the different experiences of girls and boys [...]

Children Of The Different by S.C. Flynn

I review Children Of The Different by S.C. Flynn. Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy. Nineteen years ago, a brain disease known as the Great Madness killed most of the world’s population. The survivors all had something different about their minds. Now, at the start of adolescence, their children enter a trance-like [...]

Childfree By Choice: Why Are You So Concerned About What Comes Out of My Vagina?

Or doesn't, as the case may be. As a woman, I'm getting pretty sick of being told that I'll change my mind about not wanting children. That I'm selfish. That I'm going against nature. That I'm using up public money to fund my despicable lifestyle choice. Like this woman. Journalist Holly Brockwell has won her [...]

Patron of Reading 2015

On Saturday 21st of February, authors, teachers, poets, school librarians, illustrators, and various other fabulous people, attended the Patron of Reading conference at The Art Worker's Guild in London. The Patron of Reading scheme came about through Tim Redgrave, Headteacher at Ysgol Esgob Morgan, St Asaph, Denbighshire. Passionate about encouraging children to read for pleasure, Tim took [...]

Finding Harry in Dragor: A promotional article

Can there be another Harry Potter phenomenon? Can another world that grabs hold of us in such a way be created?  We all know that the Harry Potter series was a phenomenon. It appealed to millions of children and adults, girls and boys. For a decade, the world has talked about the magic it brought [...]

Ask the Author: Meaghan Fisher

Children’s author Meaghan Fisher spoke to me about her beautiful books, and her writing process. Meaghan Fisher is a children's author, who lives in Ohio with her husband and two children. She has over ten years experience working with children, and holds a BS in Psychology and a Minor in Women’s Studies. Tyler is a young [...]

Ask the Author: Julia Suzuki

Julia Suzuki, British author of children's literature, spoke to me about her writing process. Suzuki grew up in Staffordshire, listening to the magical sounds of fair rides and animals from a theme park across the stream at the bottom of her garden. Through working with a Disney licensing company and working with entrepreneur David Lloyd in [...]