New Top Writer by Commaful

Commaful, a website for poetry, short stories, and fanfiction, recently announced a new writing contest open to writers of all skill levels. The contest is a great way to share some of your work and potentially win big! You can find the contest page here. It is 100% free to enter and there aren’t many [...]


Cornish Reading Challenge: Thank You!

As the third annual Cornish Reading Challenge comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who's joined in and made it a success. To the authors, for their hard work and participation. This wouldn't work if it wasn't for you. To the readers, who get involved and create a buzz. I hope you enjoy [...]

Cornish Reading Challenge: Meet local artist Kit Johns

Kit Johns is a 26 year old professional artist living and working in Cornwall. His work features many beautiful places all over the county. According to his website, Kit's work "explores the wild and untamed nature of the Cornish landscape, using a variety of techniques and mediums on canvas, paper and wood. Experimentation and expression are key [...]

Cornish Reading Challenge: Jane Johnson describes her Cornish roots

Jane Johnson is from Cornwall and has worked in the book industry for over 30 years, as a bookseller, publisher and writer. She was responsible for publishing the works of J. R. R. Tolkien during the 1980s and 1990s and worked on Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, spending many months in New Zealand with [...]

Cornish Reading Challenge: Annalisa Crawford crosses the Tamar Bridge

There are two bridges across the River Tamar - for trains, the Royal Albert Bridge (known locally as the Brunel Bridge), and for vehicles, the Tamar Bridge. Before the Tamar Bridge was built in 1962, a ferry connected the two sides of the river. After moving to Saltash when I was 11, I’d only walked [...]

Cornish Reading Challenge: Sharon Tregenza shares her Cornish poetry

  Pasties and cream! Pasties and cream! My new pair of jeans has just burst at the seam! The Cornish Reading Challenge is all about fun. Choose a book (or two!), and get lost in a world of sweeping landscapes; a world in equal parts beautiful and harsh. Cornish author Sharon Tregenza has shared some [...]

Cornish Reading Challenge: SeaKisses shares the Cornish love

To celebrate the Cornish Reading Challenge 2017, SeaKisses is giving away two beach towels to remind you of Cornwall - even if you're far away! SeaKisses stocks a huge range of fabulous Cornish gear. From tea towels to lampshades to wall art, there's something for everyone in their glorious online shop. I bought myself a [...]