Enemies of Peace by M.K. Williams

Introducing Enemies of Peace, the thrilling new book by M.K. Williams. Enemies of Peace literally starts with a bang: an explosion captured by two teenage girls of a house engulphed in flames. In the summer that lead up to the explosion, the Hydroline Corporation hired Timothy Lawson and his firm to represent them in a class-action [...]

Book Review: Gold, Fame, Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins

I read this as part of the Lovereading Review Panel. Minor spoilers ahead. I am a huge fan of dystopian fiction. There's something deliciously awful about society disintegrating and humankind having to fight for survival. I probably love it because I know I'd be one of the first to die, if the water ran out [...]

Jumping On The Stephen King Bandwagon

I know, I know, I am once again late to the party. But, in my defence, I am an absolute wimp, and so I shy away from horror, or anything remotely scary. And yet, after watching Under The Dome on Amazon Prime, I thought, maybe Stephen King isn't so terrifying after all, and picked up the [...]