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For Authors, By Readers

The Bandwagon offers book reviews, author interviews, promotional posts, giveaways, and guest blogs.

Book reviews will be posted on The Bandwagon, Goodreads, and Amazon UK. Interviews will be posted on The Bandwagon, and also submitted to, to be published at their discretion. All articles will be shared on social media.

I am also an experienced publicity manager, copywriter and editor. I can produce quality press releases, organise appearances, help with marketing, including email and social media, and various other aspects, such as contacting agents and writing a synopsis.

Please get in touch using the above methods for further information. Visit the Testimonials page for information and comments on how I work.


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Vikki.
    I’m an author of Contemporary Women’s Fiction, with six books published and another almost ready. I would love to submit a book or books to be reviewed, if you or any of your review team enjoy Contemporary Women’s Fiction. Also up for an author interview if you have a space.
    As an older lady, a baby boomer born shortly after the war, I’ve had my share of life’s experiences and I like to write about strong women, or women who become strong, and are able to rise above the trials life throws at them.
    You can see if I, or my books, would be a good ‘fit’ for your blog on my Amazon author page:
    Thank you,

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    1. Hi Christine, thanks so much for getting in touch! I’ll forward your details to our new team of reviewers, and we’ll come back to you shortly.

      I would love to include you in the #InspiringWomen feature. Would you mind sending me an email so we can discuss it further? Thank you!


  2. I would like to discuss a review of my book, To Die To Live, as well as an author interview if you have space. I know book reviews are closed till January, but I’m two days early. Thank you for your time.

    Jason Hershey

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    1. Hi Jason! Pop me an email at, & we’ll organise an author interview in the new year. I’ll be responding to requests in more details by the second week of January 🙂 I think we’ll have to remain closed to review requests for a bit longer – the demand is much higher than we can meet at the moment!


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