The Bandwagon’s Books of 2016: James

2016 has been a fantastic year for books. We've been spoiled for choice here at The Bandwagon, with countless excellent review books and amazing debuts. Now it's nearly over, so we've made a list of our favourite books of the year. Here are James's picks of 2016. "For me, 2016 has been a great year of [...]

Interview: Kerry Ingram

I recently attended TitanCon, and I had the absolute honour and pleasure of interviewing the lovely Kerry Ingram, who played Shireen Baratheon on Game of Thrones. I had a great time chatting to Kerry about her career and time on the show. CAUTION SOME OF THE QUESTIONS BELOW CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE LATEST SEASON OF GAME [...]

TitanCon 2016: Review

James McStravick describes his experience at TitanCon 2016. I was lucky enough to attend TitanCon, which ran from the 30th of September until the 2nd of October 2016. I had never attended TitanCon before, and I was greatly looking forward to it, as not only had I always wanted to experience it for myself, but [...]

The Patriots of Mars by Jeff Faria

James McStravick reviews The Patriots of Mars by Jeff Faria. In 2231, twenty-five billion people walk the Earth. Few lack basic food and shelter. Energy is cheap and abundant. A vast army of 'bots serves our every need. And those who can afford to do so might live forever. To some, it is a golden age. [...]

The Shackled Scribes by Lars Teeney

James McStravick reviews The Shackled Scribes by Lars Teeney. Futharkia is a city built upon the layout of an ancient rune shape, and a foundation of slavery. The Broxanians have been enslaved by the Olgoikhorkian Masters to exploit the Broxanian talent for rune-scribing. In exchange, the rune-scribes are compensated with the sweet, golden liquid, Ichor, that the [...]

Dead Down East by Carl Schmidt

James McStravick reviews Dead Down East by Carl Schmidt Jesse Thorpe, a young private investigator operating out of Augusta, Maine, narrates the tale. Jesse’s vacation on Great Pond is cut short when he receives a mysterious phone call from a former client, Cynthia Dumais. She begs to be rescued from an island south of Brunswick, within a [...]

Ask The Author: Timandra Whitecastle

The Bandwagon reviewer James McStravick interviews grimdark and fantasy author Timandra Whitecastle. Timandra is a self-confessed nerd with a passion. In the day, she's an English and History teacher in a German public high school, and mother to two children. But at night, she whips our her cape and dagger and transforms into a grimdark [...]

Touch of Iron by Timandra Whitecastle

James McStravick reviews Touch of Iron by Timandra Whitecastle Is the Living Blade real or just a legend? With it… Prince Bashan could win back his kingdom. Master Telen Diaz can free himself of the burden from his past. Owen Smith sees a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain untold knowledge. … but for Noraya Smith, the [...]

TitanCon 2016

Friday 30th September – Sunday 2nd October Celebrate a love of Game of Thrones and all things science fiction and fantasy in Northern Ireland. History TitanCon first began back in 2011 when it was first held at the Europa Hotel, which was a huge success, with 240 members attending. Since then it has grown with an [...]

As Wings Unfurl by Arthur M. Doweyko

James McStravick reviews As Wings Unfurl by Arthur M. Doweyko. Applegate Bogdanski returns from Vietnam with a missing leg, a Purple Heart, and an addiction to morphine. He stumbles through each day, looking forward to nothing and hoping it will arrive soon. When he attempts to thwart a crime, he is knocked unconscious and wakes up [...]