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12524302_10208439212195057_1090666117922104989_nVikki Patis
Blog Owner at The Bandwagon, Book Reviewer & Feminist


“When I was about 4, my mum took me to a book fair at the local primary school. There I chose and bought a book myself for the first time. It was called something like What On Earth?!, and was a story about a girl with a wild imagination. She imagined the floor was lava, the cat was an alien, and that she was an explorer. Every page was a new adventure.

I’ve read hundreds of books since then, but I still feel like I’m going on an adventure every time. I’ve been to fantastical worlds and different planets, explored Victorian London and watched the Salem witch trials. I’ve hunted horcruxes, stood with the Mockingjay, and played the game of thrones. I’ve met historical figures, watched famous battles, and added my voice to righteous cries. I’ve done all this and more, from the comfort of my sofa (or other chosen reading spot), by jumping into the pages of a book. Reading is an immense pleasure, unlike any other. You not only get to explore the story being told, you get to add your own embellishments, connect with and feel the emotions on the pages, picture the characters and make them your own. You get to use your imagination.

It’s so difficult to choose a favourite book. There are so many that have stayed with me long after the last page. I particularly adore well-researched, gritty historical fiction, by authors such as Karen Maitland and Hannah Kent, and I particularly love reading about fierce women from different times and cultures. I love thrillers by the likes of Gillian Flynn and S.J. Watson, and being terrified by bastards like Stephen King and Joe Hill. Interesting, relatable characters are one of the most important things I look for in a novel. Make me care about your characters, make me befriend or dislike or empathise with them, and you’ll draw me in instantly.”

2014-03-22 11.20.22James McStravick
Book Reviewer and Blog Owner at Observant Raven


“When I was younger, I read mostly Goosebumps books, but as the years went on I delved into fantasy books such as Harry Potter, Aborsen Trilogy, and The Dark Materials Trilogy. As I grew older, my taste in books changed. I no longer wanted to read all fantasy, but instead wanted to read books in other genres such as thrillers, action and mystery. For many years I read books by Dan Brown and Andy McDermott.

But this changed again when I finally discovered the Game of Thrones books, but, as much as I liked them, I thought of them leaning more towards historical books than fantasy – which I believe is one of the true beauties about Game Of Thrones. Shortly after I finished reading Storm of Swords, my friend from Dublin visited, and he told me about an exciting and wonderful series called Mistborn. From then the rest is history, as off the back of that recommendation I have discovered (and still am) some truly great and beautiful fantasy books.

I couldn’t begin to choose what my favourite fantasy book is, but because of the impact he has had on my reading, my favourite author would definitely have to be Brandon Sanderson, although he is placed alongside many other authors I have come to call my favourite, such as Mark Lawrence, Peter V Brett, Kevin Hearne, and, most recently, Bradley P. Beaulieu.”

David SpellDavid Spell
Book Reviewer & Blog Owner at The Scary Reviews


“Honestly, as a kid I didn’t enjoy reading that much. I actually wasn’t a very good reader; I was slow and would often mix up or skip words. It wasn’t until I was a teenager and discovered The Lord of The Rings that I really started to enjoy reading. I guess I hadn’t found my genre before then. I spent many years loving the fantasy genre, until I discovered my love for horror, and most of its sub-genres.As far as my favorite book goes… Well, that’s a hard question. I’ve read so many great books over the years, almost 400, so it’s too hard to pick just one. But I have two favorite series: LOTR & The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I would say Stephen King is my favorite author, no question. I love both of these series because they are epic in length and have so many great characters. I love to see them develop through out the series, and see their relationships develop within their story arc. Both series and authors led me to so many more authors in each genre. If I hadn’t discovered Stephen King as a teen and spent all these years reading every book he’s written, I would never have made my blog. It really was his work that set me up to love reading. Now, I’m an avid reader and will probably read 50 or more books this year. I love to disappear in a good book and escape for how ever long the story lasts, and when the book is done, I miss the characters and hate to say goodbye.”



3 thoughts on “Meet The Team: Book Reviews at The Bandwagon

  1. I can relate to your love of books and the way you describe it. I’ve always loved to get lost in a book, meeting new friends, travelling to new places, exploring other time periods. Thanks for sharing, nice to get to know you and your team.

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