Author Spotlight: Dan Jones

The Bandwagon presents Dan Jones, author of Man O’War, described as “a savage, electrifying SF debut that smashes together our greatest hopes and fears for
emerging technology”.

Man O'War - Cover Art_preview

Struggling jellyfisherman Dhiraj Om is praying for a good catch to make ends meet. So
when a valuable pleasure robot called Naomi is caught in his nets, he senses the
opportunity for a quick profit.

But Naomi’s owner, the brutal gangster Agarkka D’Souza, doesn’t take kindly to his
property being taken. Dhiraj’s illicit deal thrusts him into a web of corruption stretching
from London’s seedy underworld to the Niger Delta. There, oil barons wage bitter war
against Marxist dissidents, and Dhiraj and Naomi are hurled into violence. Can Dhiraj
save not only himself, but Naomi, who has become not only his protector and his curse,
but possibly something more?

Man O’War will be available to buy from the 1st of March 2018.

About The Author

Away from the page, Dan works for a UK Government innovation agency. He has delivered strategic technology roadmaps for the aerospace, space robotics, and cyber security sectors, at both national and international level. All of which comes in rather handy when coming up with new ideas for science fiction stories.

He has published short stores with rising indie publisher Woodbridge Press for their anthologies The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel, and Journeys. His nonfiction work, Eat Yourself, Clarice! is a Lacanian study of Hannibal Lecter and western low culture. The second edition was published in February 2017.

Get in touch with Dan Jones on Twitter, @dgjones81, or on Facebook. For more information on his books, visit his website.


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