New Top Writer by Commaful


Commaful, a website for poetry, short stories, and fanfiction, recently announced a new writing contest open to writers of all skill levels. The contest is a great way to share some of your work and potentially win big! You can find the contest page here.

It is 100% free to enter and there aren’t many rules. This is particularly good for poets and short story writers looking to share their work.

Winners will get their work featured on a page that will be reach over 4 million people on social media.

This particular contest, the Next Top Writer contest, is the largest contest hosted on Commaful to date. You can find other Commaful contests here.

More Details

Entry Deadline: January 1st 2018.

Requirements: Open to all types of stories and poetry under 10,000 characters long.

You can write about (almost) anything! Please keep the stories okay for all audiences 13 and up. Absolutely no graphic violence, graphic sex, self-harm, nudity, or any mature rated content.

Judging: Your work will be judged by award winning writers, bestselling authors, and more.

Entry fee: Free!

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