General Election 2017: MayDUP is a nightmare nobody envisaged

This morning, I woke to find that we were facing a hung parliament. I always knew a Labour win was unlikely, but I was chuffed that we’d managed to keep the Tories from gaining a majority. Through tactical voting, constant discussion, and encouraging more young people to vote, we’d done it. And then lunchtime came.

Around midday, Theresa May hopped into her car and went to see the Queen about forming a government. She had managed to secure a majority, albeit tiny, with the support of the DUP, the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.


We still don’t know the extent of this deal between the Conservatives and the DUP. Theresa May, in her speech after speaking with the Queen, failed to mention it, amongst many other things. Business As Usual is her current motto, chirping “let’s get to work!” before turning on her kitten heels and scuttling back inside No. 10. One presumes she’s focusing on Brexit, what with the talks set to begin in 10 days or so, but surely she hasn’t failed to notice the outcome of her snap election? Her arrogance is what led us to the polls yesterday, and her lack of confidence in certain groups within society is what led to a hung parliament.

So who are the DUP? Should we be worried about them? Abso-fucking-lutely. They’re even more terrifying than a Tory government. They’re anti-abortion, against equal marriage, and think climate change is something a few members of Greenpeace made up one night at the pub. Despite Northern Ireland being part of the UK, they somehow manage to stop women from accessing safe, free, legal abortion, forcing them to travel to England and further afield. They clearly have no respect for women, despite their leader being female. But internalised misogyny is rife, sadly.

Difficult times lie ahead. Will this “coalition of chaos” last? Hopefully not. Can the other parties make a difference if it does? One finds it difficult to see any light at the end of this particular tunnel, but you never know. What I do know is this – whatever happens, if this Tory/DUP alliance continues, and the DUP has any power whatsoever, things will most certainly not get better.

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