Cornish Reading Challenge: Thank You!

As the third annual Cornish Reading Challenge comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who’s joined in and made it a success.


To the authors, for their hard work and participation. This wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for you.

To the readers, who get involved and create a buzz. I hope you enjoy reading Cornish books as much as I do.

To the bloggers, who help us promote this challenge.

To everyone else, the businesses and bookshops and artists, who offered prizes and gave their time to this challenge.

I absolutely adore the Cornish Reading Challenge. As a Cornish maid at heart, I love revisiting the place I call home, through the books I choose to read. For three years now, this challenge has been a success, and I hope to keep hosting it every year.

If you have any thoughts on the challenge, or would like to send your suggestions for next year, email

3 thoughts on “Cornish Reading Challenge: Thank You!

  1. Well done Vikki – looks like you had lots of entries and loads of fun … congratulations on putting the challenge on – and here’s to next year … cheers Hilary

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