Cornish Reading Challenge: Visiting God’s own country

This June, we’ll be paying a visit to our favourite place in the world: Cornwall. Going back as an emmet will be strange, but we’re excited to spend six days in God’s own country.

We’ve decided to stay in Fowey, in a lovely little cottage called Ebb Tide. It sleeps 4 people, and is perfectly located for access to local shops and pubs, and, of course, the river. Fowey is, of course, where Daphne du Maurier lived and wrote for some time.


Those of you who follow my Not A Diet feature will know that I’ve been trying to build up my strength and get fitter, following a diagnosis of fibromyalgia last year. I’ve been attending a weekly Pilates class (and can now touch my toes – something I’ve never been able to do!), and working with personal trainer Colette a couple of times a month. I’m also working on increasing my steps, and we’ve been going for weekly walks around our corner of Hertfordshire.

One place we’re eager to see is Botallack mine. Keen Poldark lovers will know that Botallack became Wheal Leisure for the BBC series. Botallack is almost 2 hours away from Fowey, so this will be a day trip! Sticking with the mining theme, but a bit closer to home, we’ll also be visiting Wheal Coates in St Agnes.


There’s nothing quite like walking around a beautiful place, and, for the most part, walking is free! St Ives is a must-see – I used to holiday there as a kid, and we took the train out from Plymouth a couple of times too. We’re thinking of parking at Par station and hopping on the train to St Ives, which is arguably the best way to drink in all the sights.

If you haven’t glimpsed Bodmin Moor (which you should have done, from the A30 at least!), you’re missing out. Although the moor may prove too difficult a hike for me, on our list is the famous Jamaica Inn, where we’ll grab a bite to eat. Then we’ll wander down to Dozmary Pool, where some people believe Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword, still lies. I went to Siblyback Lake with my college class and loved it, so we might pop by for a while next month.

Dozmary Pool

It seems rather remiss of me, but, in all my time living down there, I never visited Tintagel, so it’s on our list of places this year! We’re also interested in seeing the Lanhydrock house and gardens, and Cotehele Mill over Saltash way.

In amongst this tripping around, we’ll also be catching up with friends, who are dotted around the county – St Austell, Dobwalls, Polperro. Visiting Route 38 for some food is a must – but there are plenty of places to eat, wherever you go.

Where do you love to visit in Cornwall? Do you have any recommendations for us?


4 thoughts on “Cornish Reading Challenge: Visiting God’s own country

  1. Hi Vikki – sounds a lovely trip ahead for you … happy memories revived too. I wrote a whole series of posts for our April A-Z 2015 challenge – a mere 26+ posts on Aspects of British Cornish … my mother was Cornish … and I had my wedding reception out at the Count House, Botallack Mine – a way back when time!!

    Have the most wonderful time … now I’m nostalgic … cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Actually it was thick mist!! Such is the Cornish weather … but we were fine – just sad that the view wasn’t available for visitors etc … cheers H


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