Cornish Reading Challenge: A note on giveaways

I hope you’re all enjoying the Cornish Reading Challenge 2017! We’ve already announced a few giveaways, and we’re only halfway through! We’re got loads more coming your way, so I just wanted to share a quick note on the policy here at The Bandwagon.

If you enter, either via email or the submission forms through the blog, you will receive an email confirming your entry. Winners for all competitions will be announced after the 27th of May 2017, once the challenge has finished. Only the winners will be contacted.


The best part is, if you enter one competition but don’t win, you’ll automatically be put in the running for our other competitions! Almost everyone is a winner at The Bandwagon. (If you don’t wish to be entered for any of our other competitions, please state this in your entry. If you’ve already entered but weren’t aware, please pop me an email at

Oh, and it goes without saying that your addresses will not be retained after the competitions close, and will not be used for anything else.

And that’s it! We’ve got just over a week left of the Cornish Reading Challenge, and lots of exciting posts coming your way. What are you reading this year? Let us know in the comments below, or @VikkiPatis on Twitter, using #CornishReadingChallenge.


One thought on “Cornish Reading Challenge: A note on giveaways

  1. I’ve seen people walking across the bridge before but never tried it myself. Crossing the Tamar Bridge is coming home to me and always a little sad when going the other way!

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