Theresa May calls snap general election for June 8th 2017

This morning, Prime Minister Theresa May stood outside of 10 Downing Street and announced that a general election will be held on 8th June 2017. This comes in the wake of Article 50 being triggered, and after she had assured everyone that she categorically would not call for a snap general election.

“The country is coming together, but Westminster is not”, she declared. Labour, Lib Dems, SNP… everyone seems to be against the Tories within government. But why are we repeating the (incorrect) rhetoric that “the country decided!”? Half of the voters actually wanted to remain in the EU – myself included. Many of those who voted to leave have expressed dismay at the lies they were told by the Leave campaign, and the fallout since the referendum has been far from positive. Many people who voted for Brexit will be the hardest hit when we do leave.

The Tories have always been the party for the rich. They are continuously cutting benefits, favouring corporations, and, quite frankly, fucking loads of people over. I for one will be doing my utmost to remove them from power. But our other political parties are far from perfect. Labour is in disarray – can they lead us back from the brink? Can smaller parties, like the Green or the Women’s Equality Party, get enough votes to make a difference? I’m not convinced, but right now, I’m in the “anyone is better than the Tories” camp.

The country is divided. Nothing is certain. But what is certain is that you have the chance to make a difference, again. We have the chance to right the wrong that was Brexit. I believe that voting should be mandatory, that everyone should make the effort to contribute to the future of their country. Women fought and suffered and died for our right to vote, and we should honour them by using it. Ensure you’re registered to vote, and get down the polling station on June 8th. I’m not in the business of telling people how to vote – you’ve got your own life, your own circumstances, which will affect your decision – but I am in the business of strongly encouraging people to use their vote. And if we can get the Tories out, I believe it will be for the better.

You can read May’s full speech here.


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