Blog Tour: Sometimes I Lie author shares her writing advice

As part of the Sometimes I Lie blog tour, author Alice Feeney gives advice to aspiring authors.



Anyone can write a story if they feel passionately enough about it. In terms of inspiration, you just have to open your eyes and ears to the world around you – there are stories everywhere if you know how to look and listen.

Here are my top five tips for aspiring writers:

I think if you want to write well, you need to be someone who reads. This Stephen King quote says it perfectly: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

This might sound obvious, but the book won’t write itself. Don’t just talk about writing, you need to make time, (which may well mean making sacrifices) and be dedicated enough to actually do it. Writing, like anything, gets better and easier with practice. Write, then rewrite then repeat. Write until not writing makes you feel anxious.

Trust your gut
I have ideas all of the time, I might be on a train or walking the dog, or in bed in the middle of the night. It could be an idea for a novel, or even just a sentence. It might just be a collection of words that sound beautiful inside your head at that moment in time. Trust your gut. Write them all down, even the daft ones! That way, when you come to paint your story you’ll have all the colours you need.

Be yourself
You should write the book that you want to read. Don’t try to write like someone else, be yourself and write about something or someone that you are passionate about.

Never give up
Don’t ever give up the daydream! Expect the first draft of anything to be a little bit rubbish and develop a thick skin – every author gets rejections, you just have to keep going and never, ever give up.

Sometimes I Lie is available to buy now!


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