The For Choice Project

Keen readers of The Bandwagon blog may have noticed that a new feature has been added. The For Choice Project aims to give people who have experienced abortion a place to tell their story, giving them a voice in a world that doesn’t want to listen.

The For Choice Project is broken down into the following pages:

Anyone can submit their story using the contact form, or by emailing All stories are completely anonymous, and, if using the contact form, you do not need to leave your name or email address. You can also read other submissions on the Stories page.

The Useful Contacts page will, eventually, contain the contact details of various organisations around the world that help people access abortion. So many excellent organisations are already helping people access safe abortion. If you wish to add an organisation to our list, please comment on the Useful Contacts page, or email

The Bandwagon is a feminist blog. We believe in and advocate strongly for choice. Every person who has the capacity to fall pregnant should be afforded the right to choose whether they wish to continue with the pregnancy. We are people, with bodily autonomy; are not “hosts”, we did not “invite it in”. Pregnancy is not a punishment for having sex.

We want to share different stories from various people who have experienced (or considered) abortion. Personally, I’ve never had an abortion, but I know I would if I became pregnant. One story submitted to us (B) talks about a friend of the writer who considered having an abortion, and changed her mind at the last minute. These are all valid experiences.

If you have a comment you wish to share, please pop me an email at Feedback is welcome, but hatred is not.


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