Out With A Bang: Goodbye Fringe!

A couple of years ago, I finally got up the courage to cut in a full fringe a la Zooey Deschanel. I’d been wanting to do it for ages, but had never had the confidence. But, with some YouTube videos and a pair of sharp scissors, I managed to do it myself (free is always good!).

The first cut

I gradually thickened and shaped my fringe, getting it to how I wanted it. All was well, until last summer. It was so damn hot. Styling my fringe (with more heat!) was unbearable, so I bought a plastic headband to push it back with. This worked fine, but I wanted my fringe back for my wedding.

Pre-dress wedding hair & make-up

And I kept it throughout the rest of 2016. But, over the past month or so, I’ve noticed that my fringe is incredibly dry and frizzy. It seems that I’ve cooked the shit out of it with constant blow-drying and straightening, and no amount of trimming, product, or deep conditioning will bring it back. So, I’m going on a heat break, and I’m growing my fringe out. I chopped all the dead ends off – leaving it super short, like, literally a few cm long – & I’ll keep trimming it regularly. But what do I do with it in the meantime?

Ravenclaw pride!

My Hair Routine

Before I begin, I should probably lay out my hair type & routine. I have really long (to my waist) wavy hair. I stopped dying it about 14 months ago, so it’s pretty much all natural. I like it – I’ve somehow got a nice ombre effect going on. But I’m also going grey, so I might need to embrace that at some point soon. I always thought I had thick hair, but, according to various hairdressers, my hair is fine, I just have a lot of it. As a rule, it’s pretty strong, and I don’t really have any layers. I don’t often get it cut professionally – I trim my ends (and my fringe!) myself.

I tend to wash my hair every other day, using Tresemme moisturising shampoo & conditioner. I need to start deep-conditioning my hair again, but I haven’t found one I really like. (If you have any tips, let me know!) I brush it while wet, apply some John Freida Frizz-Ease serum & some TiGi After Party or Dumb Blonde, then spritz some John Freida Frizz-Ease Dream Curls and scrunch gently. I gather all of my hair on top of my head, and twirl into a bun. I always wash my hair at night, & so this is an easy way to get tamed waves without using heat. On Day 2, I usually just brush it out and leave it go, maybe using some more Dumb Blonde to smooth any frizz. I would sometimes run a straightener through it to tidy it up, but it was never poker-straight (ain’t nobody got time for that!).

In the morning, I used to apply some John Freida 3 Day Straight hair protector to my fringe, then straighten away! But now I’m on a heat break, I’m changing up my routine.



I really do love this look. It’s super-easy, & takes 2 minutes in the mornings. Perfect. I run some TiGi Dumb Blonde through my fringe, push the headband through and then down to create volume, then spritz hairspray to keep it in place. Done.

My friend had one of these, and suggested I buy one after sweating my way through London and Harry Potter & The Cursed Child. My fringe was drenched by the end of it. You can get them for a few quid at supermarkets, or even cheaper on Amazon. I really like this one – they’re cheap, cheerful, and they do last a long time, considering the price.


I suck at braids. I marvel at those who can do gorgeous fishtail braids, & perfect French braids. Once my fringe gets a bit longer, I’ll be able to braid it, and keep it in place with a bobby pin. I love most of these, but I’m definitely going to need to practice.

Twist & Pin

My fringe is currently too short to twist properly, but I will be doing that once it grows a bit more. For now, I just push all of my fringe to one side, apply Dumb Blonde & hairspray (and if it’s being really stubborn, some of my partner’s Schwarzkopf Got2B Spiking Glue!), and stick in place with a bobby pin.

This look isn’t perfect yet. My fringe is too short to really do anything with, so the bobby pin is awkwardly high to keep it all together, and, thanks to the heat break, my hair goes all flicky and generally just has a mind of its own. But we must suffer for great hair!


I like this one. It’s kinda like the twist & pin, but it’s definitely best for a lazy day, where you don’t have to worry about being far from your hairspray. I start with wet hair, brushing it over to one side so it forms a kind of quiff. I then apply some Dumb Blonde and hairspray, and keep pushing the hair in the same direction with my fingers. It usually dries in a nice flicky quiff (I’m not good at technical terms, okay?). It’s not perfect, but I don’t want to start back-combing as it can damage hair, and the whole point of this heat break is to avoid that!

Once my fringe is fully grown out, I’m going back to the reliable side fringe. Less stress, less work, and less heat necessary!

Do you have any more ideas for how to style a fringe you’re growing out? Let me know in the comments below!


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