Hygge For Your Office

I’m a big fan of this hygge trend. I’ve always loved candles, warm fluffy throws, and a cosy home. I love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with a good book, a cup of tea, and some soft lighting. I’m definitely one for my home comforts.


We took the Christmas decorations down just before New Year’s Eve, but we replaced them with new candles, a cute stag statue, & a huge blanket for the sofa. But now I’m back at work after the festive season, I’m finding it all rather… grey. I want to hygge up my desk, to make going back to work that little bit more pleasant.


In my eyes, there’s nothing more hygge than photos of your loved ones. Buy some cheap frames, print off your favourite snaps, and situate them around your desk. If you’re pushed for space, try pinning a piece of string along your partition screen (if you have one), or maybe the wall, and use pegs to clip your photos in place.



Our office has pretty harsh lighting, which I prefer to leave switched off, meaning my corner seems as dark as a sack at times. So I’ve just bought a lovely lamp for my desk to brighten up my little corner. It’s a cute tree, with pretty soft lighting.



Our MD loves plants. She has several large potted plants dotted around the office. Bringing the outside inside can really brighten up a space – after all, isn’t that where the Christmas tree tradition came from? You don’t have to stop at December. Winter is a long season, so why not add some little plants to your desk? (Pssst – if you have a habit of killing things, they don’t have to be real!)


I don’t like leaving clothes at work, because I don’t have a cupboard or anything to keep them in, but I do bring a cosy knitted scarf in every day, to wrap myself up in if it gets a bit chilly. I’ve also got loads of warm jumpers and cardigans, and don’t forget the fluffy socks!



I bring a reusable Starbucks travel cup into work as it a) fits into the coffee machine, meaning I don’t use any disposable cups, and b) means I can take a cup of tea with me for my morning and evening commute. Taking five minutes with a cup of tea or coffee in your favourite mug can give you the break you need during a busy work day.


(I’m totally buying this mug!)


I never spend my lunch hour at my desk. I need to get away from the ringing phones, the chattering, the office politics! I usually sit in the car with a warm drink, and read. It’s a great opportunity to clear your mind and get away for a while. I treasure those moments of peace. If you’re more sociable, why not pop out for lunch with some colleagues, or meet a friend somewhere nearby?


If you can, listening to music is a great way to chase the January blues away. Make an office playlist, pop your headphones in, and sing (perhaps silently!) the monotony away. Sadly, we can’t listen to music in the office, but I have got an excellent Riot Grrrl playlist for my commute. There’s nothing quite like screaming at the patriarchy at the top of your lungs.


I love books. Surprised? When it comes to whether I prefer physical books or ebooks, I’m pretty 50/50. My house is full of books, but my Kindle comes in handy for work and travelling. I’ve always got a book with me, and I’ve toyed with the idea of bringing some of my to-read pile into work. Books really pretty a place up, don’t you think?

Amazon – yes, that’s my book!

How do you make your work-space more hygge? If you need more ideas, there are loads of books about how to do hygge right.


7 thoughts on “Hygge For Your Office

  1. I love this, hygge for the office. I just did a post on koselig for the home which is the Norwegian word for cozy and hygge is the Danish word, right? I think so? Great ideas for the office. I always found overhead lighting too harsh as well, a lamp and some sort of water fountain were musts when I had an office. (And yes, the cozy sweater and scarf!) Very nice post as yes, winter IS very long. Kim

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      1. Oh! I meant a decorative little waterfall desktop thingy. I like the bubbling noise of water running, calms me. I didn’t mean a drinking water fountain! Thank goodness it is Friday! I am tripping over my thoughts today! 🙂

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      2. Haha! No no, although either would be better than what I currently have! I agree, it is nice. Despite it being a shorter week, Friday has definitely taken a while to come round! Have a great weekend.

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  2. We have an office decorated with a warm orange/terracotta colour, plants, a comfy sofa to wait on, and we always go out for lunch on a Friday. I work for my husband, so making the office feel like home is easy.

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