Good Riddance, 2016

Happy New Year! 2016 is almost over, thank fuck, and 2017 is just around the corner. So I thought I’d do a year in review. 

The Good

As much as 2016 was full of shit (more on that later), some good things did happen this year. 

  • I published a book. Yes, finally! Weltanschauung was published in November, & has been pretty well-deserved. I participated in a blog tour, hopping around the blogosphere. I ran a Goodreads giveaway, and 1277 people entered. And most of the reviews have been positive. So I’d chalk that up as a win.
  • I got married. It was a small affair, with a tiny number of guests and minimum fuss, but we tied the knot in September. I also showed the patriarchy what’s what by keeping my surname. Small acts of defiance!
  • I fell back in love with make-up. Seems a small thing, but make-up is such an incredible thing. It can boost your confidence, and it’s fun! I also started taking better care of my skin. 
  • I’m getting my finances in order. This is a long-term thing, but we started organising ourselves and taking steps towards our 5-10 year plan. I feel pretty good about it. 
  • I read some amazing books. Seriously, 2016 may not have been good for a lot, but it really was an excellent year for books. 

The Bad

Of course, a lot of celebrities died this year. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher. But it also seems like everyone I know lost someone close to them, or lost a job, had health problems, or just generally experienced something negative.

  • We lost my partner’s Nan. And a huge loss it was. Still is. She was a fantastic lady, intelligent, always kind & thoughtful, & she welcomed me with open arms. 
  • Relationships broke down. I made a promise to not let things slide anymore, to stand up for what I believe in, and sadly, that resulted in a few arguments. I’m glad to be rid of certain toxic relationships, but the way things went down wasn’t pleasant. 
  • I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’m glad I was finally diagnosed, but it’s never good to be saddled with a chronic illness. The middle of 2016 was dominated by my health. It took a while to get used to the medication, and things were just difficult for a while. But I’m slowly getting to a point where I’m not in a constant zombiefied state, which is good. 
  • Brexit, Trump, & other anti-feminist crap. 2016 was a year for fighting bigotry. There were many times when I just felt exhausted by it all. 

Onwards & Upwards

I think I’m going to take a step back from blogging, to focus on different aspects of my life. I’m closing The Bandwagon to review requests until further notice, as we just can’t keep up with the demand, but we’ll still be open to smaller projects, such as author interviews. 

So what am I looking forward to in 2017? 

  • Health. Once again, this is a huge focus for me. My medication is currently working fine, I’m seeing a physiotherapist semi-regularly, & I got the go-ahead to start yoga. I’m going to keep eating well and doing what I can to get stronger, without pushing myself too hard. 
  • Well-being. This follows on from health. When you have a chronic illness, it can be difficult to measure up to what people might expect. You might have to cancel plans, or decline an invitation, because you simply can’t handle it. And that is perfectly okay. It’s been difficult to strike a balance between accepting my limitations and striving to get out more, but I’m getting there. 
  • Career. My career is going to be moving in a completely different direction in 2017, & I’m excited. 
  • Travel. When I’m able, I want to travel more. We’ve got a trip to York & Edinburgh planned, & we want to do more long weekend breaks. They’re perfect as they’re not too taxing, energy-wise, and more affordable than longer holidays. 
  • Feminism. I’m going to keep fighting the good fight. I’ll keep striving to be a better, more inclusive feminist, & keep smashing that patriarchy. 
  • Friendships. I need to keep in touch with friends, whether that’s online or in person. I need to be better at keeping friendships going. 
  • Writing. I’m going to keep writing, when I can. Some Girls Do is still in the pipeline, & I’m hoping to have it finished by this time next year. 

What are your resolutions for 2017? Are you keen to see the back of 2016?


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