The Emblem Throne by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

James McStravick reviews The Emblem Throne by Jeffrey L. Kohanek.

Journey on a magical quest to save the world…

As they strive to become Masters within the Ministry, Brock and his friends resume their training at the Academy, an institution founded on magic, science, knowledge, law, and combat. They soon discover an expansive web of conspiracies and deceit within the Ministry, hidden behind a veil of benevolence and piety. The exposure of one of those secrets forces Brock and his friends to flee the institution with their lives in the balance.

Joined by a fierce Tantarri warrior, the group embarks on a quest to locate a mysterious throne that has been lost for centuries. Guided by the cryptic words of an ancient prophecy, and backed by a forbidden magic that they are still learning to wield, they journey across the continent to save humanity from extinction.


Back in July of this year, I read and reviewed The Buried Symbol by Jeffrey L. Kohanek, and I really enjoyed it. If you haven’t already done so, you can read my review here. When it comes to second books in a series, I am always wary whether they are going to live up to the first book. I am glad to say that The Emblem Throne very much lives up the expectations set out by The Buried Symbol.

The Emblem Throne picks up shortly after the end of The Buried Symbol, and we are quickly drawn back into the story as the characters discuss and think on what happened at the end of The Buried Symbol. I found this extremely useful because there have been many times when I have read a previous book in a series months before reading the current one, and I find it hard to remember certain elements and consequences. This method not only shows us the characters processing what happened, but is also used as a way of helping the reader remember what occurred.

One aspect of the book I thoroughly enjoyed was being able to delve deeper into each characters’ background. I don’t want to discuss this too much as I think these scenes were a joy to read, and I don’t want to give out spoilers. What I will say though is that the interactions that occur not only help you discover why a certain character acts the way they do, but ait lso helps you understand their reasons for wanting to join the academy.

The aspect that intrigued me the most is that we learn more about a particular rune, its source and what its capable of. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it because this was one aspect I wanted to see more of in “The Buried Symbol”. The characters wanting to learn more about it also naturally helps progress the story and the characters themselves because we see the lengths the are willing to go to find more information.

The only slight issue I had with the book was that there were certain scenes I felt were rushed, and, due to this, I had one or two occasions where I felt that maybe I had missed some information or a particular scene due to something occurring so quickly. I think if these scenes were drawn out a bit more or more information was given, then it would go towards strengthening an already great book. Thankfully though  this only happened once or twice, and I don’t think it derailed the general flow of the book.

All said and done, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was really excited to get back into its world. I think the book flows very well. If you enjoyed the first book then I would highly recommend you pick up this one as well, as it gives you a lot more information on certain elements from the first book and improves on them. If you haven’t yet read The Buried Symbol, then I would highly recommend you do so.

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