UK Blog Awards 2017

From today, you can vote for The Bandwagon in the UK Blog Awards 2017!


In 2014, I started this blog to provide myself with a place to write. Sounds simple enough, right? But the act of simply writing down your thoughts, and putting them out there for the world to read, can be a courageous one. The Bandwagon started life as a book blog, dedicated to book reviews, author interviews, & other literary news. But it has since grown to accommodate various guests, a reviewing team, and to be a safe space for people (myself included) to write.

Writing can be a form of therapy. The Bandwagon aims to provide a place for people from all walks of life to discuss, explain, and promote themselves. Whether they’re writing for us as a personal trainer, a rape survivor, an author, a book reviewer, or a tattoo artist, The Bandwagon is open to all.

We practice intersectional feminism, body positivity, and aim to contribute to creating a consent culture. We share fiction and poetry from aspiring writers. We support authors big and small, and work hard to give them the recognition they deserve. We talk unashamedly about issues that touch so many of us, from rape and abortion, to chronic pain and other health issues. We talk openly, safely, and in the hope that our voices will be heard by others who need to know they’re not alone.

Thank you for your support, and for casting a vote for us. The Bandwagon will continue to bring you all things fiction, feminism, and fibromyalgia.

Click here to vote for The Bandwagon!
To help spread the word, please share on twitter, using #UKBA17 & @VikkiPatis.

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