The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

The modern days bring positive changes in the lives of women. Several opportunities have opened up for them, which were just once available for the opposite gender. While women today enjoy various rights, including the right to education and voting, this was something that they were deprived of in the past.

Since they didn’t have access to education, they also didn’t have the qualifications to work in various industries. When women were allowed to enter to universities, doors also opened for them to work in different fields.

As years passed by, it became a normal scene for men and women to work side by side. There are still some concerns with men typically being paid higher than female employees, but this is not always the case as there are now some women who are getting bigger pay.

Moreover, women have started to handle top roles too like managerial, supervisory and executive positions. What’s even inspiring is that more and more women are also running their own business and growing their empire. This is true even in the tech field, which remains to be the territory of men.

To give inspiration to women who are still wondering if they really have a future in the tech industry, we created this infographic that lists women who are deemed to be the most successful in tech for the year 2016.

Get ready to wave the flag for women power after checking the image below.

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