Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

Earlier in the year, I rewatched the entire seven seasons of Gilmore Girls. I watched them the first time around all way back in the early 00’s, but I wanted to approach the series again as an adult, and to refresh my memory before the Netflix revival.

*Spoiler Alert*
This post contains spoilers for the entire new series. Continue at your peril.


During my rewatch, I discovered a lot of things. I really didn’t like Rory a whole lot – I found her to be a spoiled and annoying brat, who always got what she wanted. I found Lorelai to be overbearing and stubborn.

Winter: I Smell Snow

We return to Stars Hollow in the midst of winter. Snow has fallen, the town looks as charming as ever, and Rory’s back from London for a flying visit. Lorelai is with Luke, and all is right with the world. But all is not right with Rory. We really need to talk about Rory.

When we left the Gilmore girls in season 7, Rory was about to hit the campaign trail for Obama. Now, she’s a freelance journalist, with only a successful interview in the New Yorker to brag about. She’s a wanderer, she’s here and there; she’s Jack Kerouac, she’s on the road, as Lorelai says. But she’s also 32. A decade out of university, and with what to show for it?

Being a writer can be tough. Look at me, I’m writing right now, so I know how hard it is to make a career out of it. But for those of us without money or family to fund our wandering, we have to hold down full-time jobs to pay for boring things like rent and food. Rory is the epitome of privilege. While I sit at a desk, a slave to the wage, Monday-Friday, 9-5, and I struggle to fit my writing in around it all, she’s zipping around between London and Stars Hollow, unable to hold on to anything, and with nothing to show for all the time that’s gone by.

She has a boyfriend called Paul, that nobody seems to remember. She’s cheating on Paul with *surprise* Logan! And Logan’s cheating on his fiance. I mean, really? Can Rory get any worse?


Anyway, more on Rory later. There are some great nostalgic moments in Winter. We get to see so many old favourites; Emily and Kirk, Gypsy and Taylor, Michel and . But no Sookie (yet!).

The best part about this is that my partner & I definitely have a Lorelai-Rory back-and-forth thing going on. So I’ve included some of our commentary in this review.


Vikki: What about Paul?

Partner: Who?

V: *looks incredulously* Paul? Rory’s boyfriend?

P: *shocked face* I forgot about him too!

V: You’re bad people. You’re all bad people. Y’all need Jesus.

Spring: It’s Nostalgic

The nostalgia is kicked up a notch in Spring. So many old faces! And Paris is back, bitches! She’s got like a hundred degrees and qualifications, she’s smart as hell, and she’s got it all. Then she heads back to Chiltern with Rory, and all her old insecurities come flooding back. She and Doyle are divorcing, she relies on a nanny to look after her children. But Paris needs to remember that she is feminist AF. You go girl.

To anyone who says Lorelai and Rory are their feminist heroes, stfu. Sure, Lorelai left home at 16 and raised a baby by herself, she worked hard and from the bottom, and she did it alone. Teenage Lorelai is strong as hell. But adult Lorelai is not my feminist hero, and neither is the entitled Rory.

Although Emily has some backwards views, you can chalk some of it up to her age, and the society in which she lives. But Lorelai also has some weird-arse views. Although she and Luke aren’t married, she still seems to place a greater important on marriage than partnership. She doesn’t say that Rory is the worst for cheating on Paul, with Logan or the Wookie or whoever else, but she does wince when Rory admits that Logan is engaged. Because being engaged is more important, right? Wrong! Cheating, in any relationship, is wrong. Both Rory and Logan suck for that. They also enter into some serious girl-hate. So, not my feminist heroes.

Here’s a list of all the people who are more feminist than Rory & Lorelai:

  1. Sookie
  2. Gill
  3. Jackson
  4. Gypsy
  5. Lane
  6. Babette
  7. Miss Patty
  8. Paul Anka

Gill is life, seriously. I love this guy. Thanks for being awesome.



V: I loved Gill’s discussion [in a previous season] about breastfeeding vs formula, and how awesome he was about it all.

P: Gill was so ahead of his time. He’s brilliant.

Summer: I’m Not Back

So Rory just asks to be editor of the Stars Hollow Gazette and, poof! it happens. Of bloody course. Nobody can refuse the golden girl anything. She’s too cool to hang out with the Thirty-Something Gang, a group of people in their thirties who are back at home with their parents. And Jess comes in with his muscles and floppy hair (*swoon*) and gives her the idea to write a book about her life. As usual, everything falls into Rory’s lap. But she’s broke. She has no money, no house, no credit, no underwear, she tells Jess. Rory’s idea of being broke is clearly very different to everyone else’s.

The musical. I mean, I just don’t even. It takes up half the bloody episode. And where did the rest of Miss Patty go?!

Oh and look! Lorelai is leaving again. Run away, Lorelai, run away from all your problems. Except that the problem is you. But Luke will always be there, waiting out your latest crazy shit.

Fuck this episode.



V: ‘Never or now’? It’s ‘now or never’, not ‘never or now’! Ugh, that annoys me so much. It’s like ‘then & there’.

P: I say that…

V: I know you do! It’s not ‘then & there’, you were there, then. It’s ‘there & then’. It’s ‘now or never’. Jesus.

Fall: Final Four Words

SOOKIE! ❤ Why have you forsaken us until now?! There was nowhere near enough Sookie in this revival.

Lorelai and Luke finally got married! Hurray! And they did it perfectly – in the middle of the night. I’m fairly sure Lorelai wore a black version of what I wore to my wedding. This was a decision of Lorelai’s that I agree wholeheartedly with.

However, this is where Rory really started to piss me off. She fucks up an interview at a website which she thinks she’s too good for. She throws three mobile phones in the bin (???) after the CEO of said website tells her about herself. She’s been sleeping with Logan, despite them both being in relationships. The Life & Death Brigade turn up for a bizarre montage where they brag about their money and their privilege. (Seriously, this was the weirdest, shittiest part of Gilmore Girls ever.) This Rolling Stone review puts my feelings into words perfectly:

Rory has become a shining example of how privilege and constantly being told how special you are can turn a precocious teen into an insufferable adult.

And yes, this is the episode with the famed final four words. Sadly, I was spoiled before I watched the final episode, but it didn’t come as much of a surprise. How many of us were waiting for Rory to tell Lorelai that she was pregnant all throughout the later seasons? But the past did not repeat itself, and Rory is 32 and pregnant, with no partner, no home, no money, no clue. And I have no interest in seeing this go any further.



P: What’s Wild?

V: It’s probably like some Eat, Pray, Love thing. I don’t know if it’s real or fictional but it’s probably like that.

P: I don’t know what Eat, Pray, Love is either.

V: You really do live under a rock, don’t you?

P: *glares*

V: *sighs* It’s probably some lame story about a woman who heads off into the wild on her own to “find herself”, after suffering some kind of tragedy or trauma or whatnot. She returns all emotionally strong and shit and is able to face whatever she ran away from.

P: *googles* Wild is “a journey from lost to found” *gagging noises*

V: Called it!


All in all, what did I think of the revival? Well, I didn’t throw my remote at the TV, and we did binge-watch all four episodes in one day. There’s something deliciously addictive about Gilmore Girls. It’s almost like visiting an old friend. I love Stars Hollow, and would like to live there – just without Rory and Lorelai. Maybe Luke could be my dad. Or Gill! That would be awesome.

TL;DR Version

  • Rory sucks
  • Lorelai sucks
  • Luke is sweet
  • Emily is sassy AF
  • RIP Richard
  • Logan sucks
  • Jess is hot
  • Dean’s hair looks better
  • Lane is still cool
  • Mr Kim lives!
  • Poor Paul
  • Gill is life
  • Jackson is bald
  • Sookie is missing



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