The Bandwagon Jumps On Patreon

The Bandwagon has officially launched its Patreon page! Now you can pledge to support your favourite blog, and help us to keep creating current & engaging content.


2016 has a been a wild, rollercoaster ride, with amazing highs and serious lows. The Bandwagon has increased its readership exponentially, we’ve branched out to include posts about a variety of topics, and we’re a trusted voice in the book reviewing world.

At the beginning of 2016, I took on a team of reviewers. I’m looking to take on a couple more reviewers in 2017, to help us deal with the increased amount of requests we receive every day. The Bandwagon also ran the #InspiringWomen project, and I aim to broaden that feature in 2017, putting more women in the spotlight.

I’m currently working on a novel called Some Girls Do, which looks at the way society views consent. To complement this, I intend on writing more feminist features, with regard to sexuality, rape culture, victim-blaming, and, of course, consent.

So, 2017 is shaping up to be pretty special! Thank you for jumping on The Bandwagon, and supporting our hardworking team!

2017 – come at me! on Patreon


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