Caged by Onaiza Khan

Introducing Caged, a psychological thriller from upcoming Indian author Onaiza Khan.


“Keep your mind right, put your body in action and let your spirit guide you.”

These are the words keeping her sane after her husband kidnaps her, tearing her away from her life in India and keeping her captive in Northern Canada.

But after three months with only a servant, a television and the screams of another captive keeping her company, she begins to lose touch with reality – even forgetting her own name.

In her struggle to escape, she discovers an inner strength and powers previously unknown realigning her past, present and future.

About The Author

Hello, my name is Onaiza Khan and I’m from New Delhi in India. onaizakhan-headshot

People work hard all their lives for things like money, security, love, fame. But to me, life has just two parts. ‘TO LEARN’ and ‘TO CREATE’. I strive to learn anything and everything I can. My closet’s full of certificates and degrees. As a little girl, I used to write poems and passages for my loved ones to make them smile. This is how I learned the art of creating things that can make people happy.

As I got older and started writing stories in my mind, I began to live them. I’m a chronic daydreamer who lives in worlds and places so amazing and awesome, I almost never want to come back to reality. Whenever I see someone smile or shed a tear because of my writing, it is an award to me… I’m honoured that they let my words get so close to their heart that it can touch them.

If you would like to say hello, please come and see me here: Facebook & Twitter @KhanOn.

Grab your own copy of Caged on Amazon.



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