Codename Cupcake by Jillian Green DiGiacomo

I review Codename Cupcake by Jillian Green DiGiacomo.

CODENAME CUPCAKE is an old fashioned suburban turned superhero spy novel. It is the story of Molly Peterson, a frazzled mother of two, who is recruited by a super spy agency to infiltrate the PTA at her son’s elementary school. A staunch PTA avoider, Molly is disappointed to learn that her assignment will require her to not only join the PTA but “become” the PTA. Midwood Elementary School is cooling at an alarming rate and Molly must spend as much time as possible in the building to determine the cause and help prevent a potential calamity. With a back drop of ordinary school functions including back to school night and a fall concert, CODENAME CUPCAKE offers a new twist on the super hero genre. It is a send up of motherhood, the PTA, comic books and spy novels. It is fast paced and funny with the underlying message that life really is better when you have super powers.


Many thanks to the author for providing a review copy.

Molly Peterson is no ordinary stay-at-home-mum. One day, after thwarting a robbery, she finds herself with superpowers, and is recruited by a spy agency to investigate the PTA.

Codename Cupcake is hilarious, fast-paced and entertaining. I was engaged from start to finish; Molly is a brilliant character, one I’m sure many people can relate to. Codename Cupcake is a mix of genres, and should appeal to readers of all ages, from teen up.

DiGiacomo takes the trope of exhausted mother and Stepford Wife, and turns her into an crime-fighting superhero, who still has time to make her children laugh and pack their lunch for school. The ultimate feminist story to remind frazzled mothers that they can still kick arse and take names.

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