Ask The Author: E.E. Bertram

Author E.E. Bertram speaks to The Bandwagon about her debut novel, November Fox.

authoreebertramE.E. Bertram (Esther Bertram) is an author, musician & media artist. Her dedication, creative mind, and technical skill set enable her to create innovative and original expressions, combining wisdom and fantasy, to assist her life’s mission – “To inspire wonder and growth.” After more than a decade of touring Europe and recording as a professional singer/songwriter and producer of electronic music, Esther has spent 5 years creating the media-fusion, metaphysical, fantasy, science fiction novel “November Fox.” The book incorporates Augmented Reality with a connected music project. This pioneering way of story telling is on the leading edge of what is possible when you combine technology with art.

What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve been writing songs since I was a child, and my main inspiration has always been the fascinating array of emotions I have felt in response and reflection to the world around me. Yet writing my first novel was driven by a deeper yearning. I felt a strong desire to do my part in inspiring the next generation of readers to find their purpose in life and ask deeper questions. We are living in a time of such overwhelming media saturation, that it seems some people are losing touch with themselves and nature. I wrote November Fox to inspire people to listen to their inner voices and follow their calling, amidst the cacophony of the digital age. Yet I housed these ideals in a scifi/fantasy. My travels as a touring and recording singer songwriter around the world have also influenced the writing. My extensive lucid dream experiences have also been fundamental in what inspired me to write in the first place. Within the lucid realm, where you can actively manifest desired realities, I learnt the art of intention and conscious creation, so a lot of the book is based upon my Insights and direct experience with thought power and harnessing it to create desired outcomes.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Find the right balance between learning your craft and mastering technique and following your creative freedom and passion. Learn the rules yet don’t be afraid to break them. That’s when the magic happens. You need to know the box before you break out of the box, it’s only then you understand the full nature of what the box is in the first place.

What do you wish you had known about the publishing process?

How easy it is to do it all yourself these days, with a small team, or even completely on your own, you can go from the idea stage to becoming a self-published author in a relatively short time. Although November Fox has taken me over 5 years to create, I know my upcoming books will be much faster as I’ve learnt a lot about the process, along the way.

What are you currently reading?

What is Art by Leo Tolstoy, The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science by Norman Doidge and next on my list is The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson and The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.

What authors inspire you the most? Which of them would you love to meet?

When I’m in a mood to relax, I’ve always loved Paulo Coelho as he finds a lovely mix between wisdom, mysticism and easy storytelling. Yet I more often enjoy reading books where I learn about the brain, science, consciousness, the cosmos and philosophy. I have to admit one of my all time favourites was Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I would love to meet him as I find his wisdom so logical, and being in the presence of someone who is so mindful and conscious, I’m sure would be an interesting and inspiring experience.

Tell us more about your book.

November Fox is quite a mind-bending journey that has many layers and eclipsing realities. It follows the journey of Vegan orphan rockstar November Fox after she finds a teleporting cube on her doorstep. The chapters are almost like different levels of the game where she has to work out how to get from one reality to the next. If you like quest style books or books that make you question your perceptions of reality, you may like this story. Because of my interest in technology, I have infused the book with augmented reality so all of the 39 pictures can be scanned with your phone or device and you can go further in this into the story and view November Fox’s journey from the perspective of the other-worldly Architect, the narrator of the story. The 3D elements you will see through this method are interactive. Because November Fox is a rockstar there is a connected music project, which can also be accessed through the augmented reality layers. The book isn’t dependent on this extra technology component, yet I wanted to experiment with new ways of storytelling and better represent the multiple layers of consciousness we have as human beings.

Tell us about your crowdfunding journey.

The crowdfunding journey was a rollercoaster of emotions and hard work, and I still can’t quite understand how I managed to succeed. Yet I gave it everything I knew how to give it in terms of time and energy, and I was very nervous if I’d manage to make it work. It was so scary and exhilarating. I’m so grateful to all of those people who supported the Kickstarter as it enabled me to continue, and now finally, bring November Fox to the world. 8. What are you working on next? After releasing Book 1 of November Fox this November, I will start working on Book 2 and some of the music video clips. I’m excited to finally bring this creation to the world, as it has felt like a 5 year marathon like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life. It will all be worth it when I know people are enjoying this crazy ride I have created.

November Fox


Think you’ve read it all? This revelatory chronicle will have you thinking otherwise. Into the swirling vortex, you will be drawn – whether you think this is your sort of book or not. You just might find yourself questioning your own perceptions of reality and be left craving more. + 39 Augmented Reality Illustrations.


November Fox has never even heard of other dimensions when a teleporting magical cube appears on her doorstep. With a hole in her heart and a cosmic identity yet to be discovered, the orphan rock star accepts an invitation to find the key within herself that will unlock the mysteries of form. Little does she know, The Architect, from the race of philosophical beings who create our world of form, has been watching over her all her life.

Grieving Erica, a teacher and writer from London, finds The Architect’s fascinating letter in a glass bottle washed ashore on Brighton Beach. Pages continue to magically appear as she, too, is compelled to follow November’s quest. Realities eclipse as we embark on a metaphysical adventure through time and space. November learns that harnessing the power of her mind and heart is fundamental, if she wishes to unlock the cube and escape the sometimes sinister, sometimes wonderful dimensions into which she is propelled.

Combining elements inspired by the new thought movement, the law of attraction, magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder, November learns that she can use the power of dreaming, imagination and positive thinking to remake herself and her world. November Fox will be enjoyed by readers who liked wisdomfilled, visionary fiction fables like “The Alchemist,” the escapism of “Alice in Wonderland” or the Mind-bending nature of the movie “The Matrix.” As an idiosyncratic fantasy/science fiction crossover, it is suitable for teens and adults alike. It comes with 39 illustrations with an Augmented Reality technology feature, enabling readers to further expand their experience.

“Things aren’t always as they seem, do we wake or do we dream?”

Visit E.E. Bertram’s website for more information and sign up for some free November Fox music. The eBook is available on Amazon for $3.99 until November 7th!

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