Interview: Kerry Ingram

I recently attended TitanCon, and I had the absolute honour and pleasure of interviewing the lovely Kerry Ingram, who played Shireen Baratheon on Game of Thrones. I had a great time chatting to Kerry about her career and time on the show.



How has your career on Game of Thrones changed your career as an actress?

Prior to being on Game of Thrones I had some roles on films and wouldn’t have thought much about doing a TV show, but since appearing on Game of Thrones doing TV show’s is something I want to do a lot more of.

Over the seasons you appeared in Game of Thrones, did you find yourself developing a good friendship with Liam Cunningham and the rest of the cast?

Yeah, over the years working with them all I certainly did grow attached to them because when you work together as much as we did you do become very close and it was sad to leave when the time came.

How did you find filming in Belfast, and did you ever want to visit any of the other filming locations?

I do wish I had been able to visit a warmer location *laughs*. It was definitely lovely filming in Belfast; it did tend to rain a lot, but it was very beautiful to see, due to the greenery around Northern Ireland. I had a great time doing it.

Dan and David telling an actor that their character is going to die on the show has become quite well known. How was it for you when you were told you were going to die?

It was very sad to hear that my time on the show was coming to an end because after being on the show for a number of years you grow with it and the people around you.

How did you find doing your final scene? Were you emotional during it?

It was and it wasn’t emotional, as you somewhat prepare yourself for it, and thankfully I was never actually burnt at the stake *laughs* But it was certainly hard saying goodbye to everyone on the show that I got to work with.

Did you ever get to visit any tourist locations and sites around Ireland?

Yeah, while I was over here filming, I was lucky enough to get a day off, so my dad travelled over and met me so I got to see some of them then with him.

Over the years of appearing on Game of Thrones, did you notice your character developing as the seasons went on?

Yeah very much so, because at the start she believed what she was being told and trusted people, but as the seasons went on she developed and started to see things for what they truly were, and became much stronger person for it.

Since doing Game of Thrones do you ever get recognised on the street?

Not really because I don’t think a lot of people know what I look like due to Shireen having greyscale, and thankfully I don’t have it for real *laughs*.

You can check out James’ review of TitanCon 2016 here.


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