N:rem Sleep System

A few months ago, I reviewed N:rem Sleep System, a set of foam inserts that sit on top of your mattress, and are designed to help those of us with chronic pain sleep better and more comfortably.


When I first used them, I was undiagnosed, and going through a lot of issues. I’ve since been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and am on medication to make things a little bit bearable, but these foam inserts definitely helped when I was at my lowest. And now I’m an affiliate for N:rem, so I can bring followers of The Bandwagon a special deal!

The Details

  • 3 different densities of deep reflex foam tablets in firm, medium and soft.
  • Ideal for chronic pain sufferers to provide comfort for painful areas and support where needed
  • 40mm Viscoool foam comfort layer with an open pored structure to regulate body temperature
  • Each reflex foam tablet is easily interchanged in the comfort of your own home
  • Personally tailored options on each side of the bed allows you and your partner to have individual set ups
  • 2,000 springs for added comfort and bounce
  • Natural cotton cover aiding a cool night’s sleep
  • Both the quilted cover, viscoool layer and foam tablets can be easily removed for cleaning

In short, these things are pretty cool. There are different sizes, depending on what kind of bed you have, and you can have different levels of support depending on your individual needs. I decided I needed more support for my back, so I ended up with the soft under my pillows, medium, then firm, then super soft right at the end. The beauty is that you can change these up however you see fit, as often as you like, depending on how you feel – which is ideal for those of us with chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia!

To take advantage of the exclusive deal from The Bandwagon, simply enter the code BANDWAGON at the checkout to get £30 off your order, even if you decide to take up one of their payment plans! Not bad, eh?

Pssst, N:rem totally got Nala’s seal of approval too, which is no easy feat!


To read my full review, click here, and visit their website here.


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