Jump on the Gilmore Girls Bandwagon!

So you’ve probably heard that Gilmore Girls is coming back next month. What? You haven’t?! That’s some serious rock you’ve been living under. 

For those of us in the know, we are so. bloody. excited. A Year In The Life will air globally on November 25th on Netflix, and will feature all our favourites – Sookie, Emily, Luke, and, of course, the Gilmore girls themselves. 

To mark the occasion, The Bandwagon is hosting a virtual viewing party. Grab some coffee, order a pizza, and join us on November 26th at 3pm (UK time) to watch A Year In The Life. Send us your pictures on Twitter & Instagram, using #GilmoreGirlsBandwagon, and get ready for an awesome day of Gilmore Girls related fun – and snacks!

RSVP below or tweet us @VikkiPatis! Dress code: pyjamas/anything comfy. Bonus points for Gilmore Girls apparel! 

Watch the latest trailer here


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