The Ruins by Daniel Bristow-Bailey

I review The Ruins by Daniel Bristow-Bailey.

Aged fifteen and fresh from fighting the natives on the Western border, Edward is sent to the labyrinthine palace of Lord Norbert to be baptised into the newly-fashionable Christian faith and to learn how a member of the Saxon nobility should behave.

Amid the ancient ruins, Edward encounters a dangerous mix of politics, religion and sexual desire.


Many thanks to the author for providing a free review copy.

Ever since the appearance of Vikings and The Last Kingdom on our screens, we’ve been more and more interested in those eras. There’s nothing I like more than gritty historical fiction, and The Ruins fits that description.

Edward is a bright and interesting character, one that could definitely stand to be developed in a much longer, bigger story. The Ruins is only a novella, which I’d forgotten about, until I realised I was suddenly at the end. I was completely engrossed in the story, and quite disappointed to have been torn away. I’ll be looking out for anything else Bristow-Bailey comes out with.

Bristow-Bailey writes with a practiced hand, immediately establishing himself as a new, excellent voice in the historical fiction genre.



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