Fairies, Robots and Unicorns? – Oh My!: A Collection of Funny Short Stories by Sarina Dorie

The Bandwagon reviewer Ryan Collins reviews Fairies, Robots and Unicorns? – Oh My! by Sarina Dorie.

Fairies, Robots and Unicorns? – Oh My! was a funny, randby Sarina Dorie.y, and delightfully clever collection of the wittiest short stories I’ve read in some time. Dorie’s humor is light and sharp, and her scenarios are a breath of much needed fresh air. Each story invites you to dip your toes into a world of horny robots, steampunk romance, and sentient books that sexually harass their future owners, and before the laughs become stale you’re ushered on to the next.

The book’s first story is structured as a list, providing tips on how to slay a (no pun intended) horny unicorn, and goes on from there with a number of different styles and genres, each carrying the author’s unique brand of unassuming yet undeniable humor. The thing that struck me most about Dorie’s writing is that all of the jokes land without insisting upon themselves as is too often the case with many other contemporary works of “nerd themed” satire. The stories take us through fantasy, science fiction, lots of romance, and even classic literature, poking fun at each in a way that still manages to convey the author’s obvious endearment for the genres.

Of particular note, I would say the strongest stories (or at least my personal favorites) are Eels for Heels, The Office Messiah, and The Optimist Police. Though, my absolute favorite, which I have to make specific mention of, has to be Speed Dating Books. This one is short, only four pages in the paragraph, but it made me laugh harder than any other story in the collection. As an avid book-reader myself (as I know many of the people who follow this blog are), I understand all too well the call of the bookshelves, and I absolutely adore the comparison that Dorie makes here with what I can only assume was a pack of randy construction workers that inspired the story.

I could go on about any of the stories in this collection, but to do so too much would rob the reader of the joy of reading them. Do yourself a kindness and go out and experience this book for yourself!

I recommend this book to anybody in need of a good laugh. Many of these stories are very short, so it’s a great book to have on your phone or kindle to whip out when you have a spare few minutes waiting for an appointment or on the subway or something.

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