Guest Blog: Read About Jim Webster’s Woman In Love

Author Jim Webster jumps on The Bandwagon to tell you all about his Woman In Love.

photo of Jim Oct 2015

I had a cunning plan once. Whenever you publish a new book you get this little jump in all your sales. So if I published more often I’d get this boost more often.

But I cannot write three books a year, life gets in the way. So, I thought I’d write a series of novellas. But readers have become wary of series. Firstly, some of them just appear to be one book hacked into bits so the writer can charge more. Secondly, an inordinate number of series written by indie writers seem to fade away and never get finished. So, I thought I’d write ‘a collection.’

The thing about a collection is that, like the Sherlock Holmes stories, it doesn’t really matter what order you read them in. Also, like the Sherlock Holmes stories again, I’d make each novella ‘stand alone’, so each has its own beginning, middle and end. Complete and perfect in itself.

The problem came when the fourth of these novellas was due to be published. Firstly, I’d been busy, with lambing followed by a chest infection, followed by starting another book. I really got into the book, the stories seemed to bubble up from somewhere and I was writing furiously. I was totally in the groove as it were. Then I looked at the calendar and thought, “ooops”, or something like that, and frantically had to start promoting.

The problem is that I feel that as a writer, if I write a blog post for somebody, each ought to be unique. Sending two bloggers identical blog posts is as ethically unsound as sleeping with them both in the same afternoon. But when you look at the events I’ve laid above out for your cynical guffaws, there is only a limited number of ways you can tell the story differently. But, in all candour, I have tried.

I got blogs written, generous bloggers started publishing them, and I relaxed a little. Only for the world of social media to burst into the largest and at times nastiest flame war I’ve seen, over the referendum result. Book promotions were flashing and burning unseen in the heat generated by the ‘discussions.’ I was left with the impression that if my novella was read at all, it would be by the light of the flickering flames as our civilisation collapsed into some sort of fiery demise. At one point I had vague hopes I might get a shadow cabinet minister to carry a kindle when they resigned with my tale open and being read. Hence when the media gurus scrutinised the pictures in detail to discover what was driving their thinking, they’d inadvertently sell my novella for me. And if hell had frozen over, I suppose I could have stood on the ice selling it.

So at last, here I am, brandishing my latest work and screeching ‘read this!’

A pleasant little tale called ‘Woman in Love.’ Set in a fantasy world of my own devising (with no orcs, elves, hobbits or dragons), it centres upon the solving of a mystery, the search for a husband who has disappeared.

Cover Woman in Love

Woman In Love

If you really need to know more about me, there’s always my Amazon page, and of course I have a blog, but it’s not very literary.

And if you wish to know more about Port Naain, Tallis Steelyard, poet and one of the characters in the story also has a blog.

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