Murder and More by Gerald W. Darnell

The Bandwagon reviewer Barry McGough reviews Murder and More by Gerald W. Darnell.

Carson’s feud with a local crime reporter continues, and then suddenly the husband of his client is brutally murdered – a husband he’s been hired to investigate. Mysterious characters weave a web of blackmail and suspense, while leaving Carson with more clients than he can handle.

The Memphis police have warned Carson to back off, but an employee of a friend is missing from a murder scene and he’s determined to find her and the killer.
Follow Carson to New Orleans, Humboldt, Memphis and Florida where he chases numerous suspects trying to track down a missing person and the killer he’s been hired to find.

Enjoy this unusual adventure for Carson Reno, as he struggles to solve the case of ‘Murder and More’.


This book has a real feeling of the era to it. You can almost hear the soundtrack to any number of sixties era detective movies ticking away in the background as you read it. I haven’t read anything by this author before, and had not come across Carson Reno as a character, but I will definitely be looking for more now I have found him. As with all my reviews, I don’t want to give away too much of the plot, but it involves a story of intrigue, murder (of course), double dealing, and a tangle with the press and local law enforcement.

Our hero is employed to find a murderer, and solve a number of other baffling occurrences along the way, with his sidekicks and trusty dog. Laced with back story and humour, this is a most enjoyable read, and fans of this genre, along with anyone who enjoys a good read that is not too wordy, will enjoy this book.

Visit the author’s website for a full list of Carson Reno mysteries, along with his other work.

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