Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

James McStravick reviews Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

In a world of magic and technology, a boy is after revenge, and a girl must break the spell her own mother cast upon her. 

Hiro, an elite member of AURA an organization that specializes in magic in the current era, sees no reason to not give up his life in any situation that comes up. Kanae, a happy, yet childish, girl who only has basic magical skills sees the world almost like a Fairy tale. These two unlikely teens find themselves crashing into each other’s lives as Hiro comes closer to finding the man who took away his family, and Kanae a helpless romantic thought to be a child in everyone’s eyes due to her mother’s curse. 
These two are brought together when a monster attacks Kanae. The once gloomy and empty Hiro starts to see value in his life as Kanae does some serious growing up; however, when Hiro comes closer to getting his hands on the man responsible for his emptiness will he throw everything else away to get him, and does Kanae know what it truly means to have a relationship, a mature one instead of just some fantasy?

When I first heard about “Destruction of Sweet Creation”, I was very intrigued as I am a fan of quite a few anime and manga, so when I started reading it I was very interested in seeing how I dealt with reading this kind of material without a visual aid.


What I found was an extremely fast-paced light novel that takes a lot of the same aspects that anime and manga use. The action in this light novel will certainly make you want to read more. I feel it is written very well and it isn’t lost without a visual aid. The fight scenes in this book were my favourite parts of the light novel and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

One other aspect that thoroughly intrigued me was the magic system the author has created. In this light novel we experience a number of different variations the characters and enemies possess. This variety is very well defined and every time a new battle took place I looked forward to reading about what new magic or powers we would encounter. This only made the light novel more interesting to read especially when it comes the core specialties of magic, but I won’t go into these as I feel it might spoil it slightly.

Where I felt the book lacked was in the story telling of the characters themselves as I never once felt connected to them, mainly because we aren’t told much about them or about their past. This is apparent when it comes to the past of Hiro and why he is doing what he is. I would also have liked a little more knowledge about the world and what Aura is. I believe if these aspects were covered in more detail then this light novel would be a lot better but this could be something developed further down the line.

When it came to reading about interactions between characters I sometimes struggled with this and I felt this where the use of drawings/images would be needed most as it would go a long way towards giving the reader a better feel for what was going on.

Taking all of this into consideration I believe that “Destruction of Sweet Creation” is definitely very interesting and has some great action scenes, but I feel that more detail around the characters and the world would go a long way to helping make this light novel better. I would definitely recommend this to fans of anime and manga as I think they would enjoy it. I am interested in seeing how the author progresses this story in the future and I am hopeful that at some stage we will see this being turned into a manga, as I think it would go a long way to helping to make it better.

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Destruction of Sweet Creation


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