Not A Diet: This Girl Can!

So, as you may know, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia yesterday. The doctor recommended I lose a bit of weight, which isn’t a bad recommendation really. I am overweight, and I’m not unhappy about that, but I appreciate how extra weight can equal extra strain on already struggling muscles. I rejected her idea to refer me to Slimming World (seriously, do doctors get commission or something? Stop pushing this shit!), so. I’m starting my own body positive, not-a-diet. The rules are:

– No body shaming. I mean it. No looking at yourself with hatred, no letting anyone else tell you you’re not perfect as you are. You’re doing this for your health, not for society’s approval. Because fuck society and fuck beauty standards.

– No “cheat days” or denying yourself. The concept of having cheat days just irritates me – you try to eat healthy most of the time? Eat that slab of cake. You deserve it.

– Fail, move on. My main goal is to stop snacking so much, or at least replace the snacks with healthier ones, like fruit and yoghurt. But one day I’m going to grab a chocolate bar. And that’s okay.

– No weighing. This one is huge for me. I had an eating disorder as a teenager, and I can still feel the urge to obsess over calories and scales and numbers. I can’t remember how much the doctor said I weighed yesterday, and it’s already driving me crazy. No. I will not obsess.

– As above, no calorie counting. Of course I’m going to be aware of what I put in my mouth (steady on!), but I’m not going to obsess over an extra 5 calories or whatever. I’m just going to eat balanced, healthy meals, and be more aware of whatever is on my plate. I’d rather check the fat and sugar levels on food than the calories, and try to keep them low. Otherwise, calories will become my life again.

There’s no set diet here, I’m just making some changes that should be easy(ish) to stick to. For example, I snack a lot at work, so I’m replacing things like cake bars and chocolate with healthier snacks. I’m also watching my cheese intake (this is a cheese-loving house!), and just trying to understand what makes up my meal. It’s all about small changes, being made for the foreseeable future, not a crash diet for me to lose 10lbs then see it all pile back on, crying into a bowl of ice cream. No thank you.

I’m also going to start yoga in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to try to walk every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. A short walk is still a walk. I love the The Girl Can campaign, and will take my inspiration from such strong, positive women. I will not revert back to browsing the web for “thinspiration”, and torturing myself over my apparent inability to look like a skeleton. I want to be healthier, and I want to be happy. Those are my goals.

Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness? What changes have you made to your diet/exercise regime? I’m happy to hear suggestions, but keep them body positive.


2 thoughts on “Not A Diet: This Girl Can!

  1. Hey
    I really struggle with poor eating habits. I used to be to exhausted to sort food out and end up grabbing any old crap. I am still exhausted all the time, but to cut out the crap food – I now use a powdered meal replacement. (I wrote about it here: )
    Basically it’s a balanced, powdered meal. It’s low glycemic index so it doesn’t leave you with sugar crashes. I found it helps on the days that organising healthy eating just isn’t possible.
    Good luck!

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