Cornish Reading Challenge 2016: Angela Britnell

Meet Cornishwoman-turned-Tennessean author Angela Britnell, and find out why she writes about Cornwall.

angelia britnell

I’m excited to be a part of this reading challenge to celebrate all the wonderful books set in Cornwall and the West Country.

First, I have to confess to a deep abiding belief that there is no more beautiful place in the world, partly because I was lucky enough to be born there! I’ve travelled extensively, and lived in Nashville, Tennessee now for nearly twenty years, but retain the same almost childlike thrill when I cross the Tamar Bridge back into Cornwall.

I grew up in a small village in china clay country, not the most picturesque part of the county but special in its own way. Forcing me to pick a favourite place in Cornwall is rather like telling me to pick your favourite child, and my three sons know I could never do that! But if I must choose, then it has to be Mevagissey. For those who don’t know, it’s a typical Cornish fishing village – think pastel-painted cottages clinging to steep hills and leading down to a pretty harbour. If you’re a fan of the wonderful ‘Doc Martin’ TV series, the fictional Port Wenn (Port Isaac in real life) is very similar to Mevagissey. I’m drawn to it partly because of its natural beauty, but mainly because it’s where my mother grew up, and I’m related to half the people there! My grandfather was a Mevagissey fisherman and onetime harbourmaster, and my grandmother worked in the fish factory on the quay. These days, Mevagissey is more of a tourist destination and the fishing industry struggles to survive.

When I started to write contemporary romantic fiction about fifteen years ago, I naturally gravitated towards featuring Cornwall in my stories and it remains at the core of my writing. Cornwall’s remote location is a plus because my characters often need to get away from their normal lives for various interesting reasons! The changing moods of the landscape, from summery and sunny to dark and brooding, doesn’t hurt either for adding layers to a story.

I could name many of the familiar Cornish set books as favourites of mine but at the moment it has to be Winston Graham’s ‘Poldark’ series. I read them in the 1970’s when the first television series came out and am now joyfully re-reading them – I could claim it has nothing to do with the gorgeous Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark in the new TV series, but I’d be struck down by a bolt of lightning! Seriously though, Winston Graham is a truly wonderful writer and captures Cornwall and its people in a very special way.

The eBook I’m offering today as a giveaway prize is ‘The Wedding Reject Table.’ It’s a light hearted romantic novella published by Choc Lit and features Maggie Taylor, a cake decorator, and Chad Robertson, a lawyer from Nashville Tennessee, who meet at a wedding in Cornwall when they’re both assigned to ‘the reject table.’ Chad solves her wedding cake disaster and raises her hopes because a ruined cake is only one of her problems. I’m thrilled that it’s been shortlisted for a RoNA award this year by the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Thank you again Vikki for inviting me to be here today, and I hope everyone discovers more Cornish books and authors that they grow to love!

Visit Angela’s website for more information, or find her on Twitter and Facebook.

To enter the giveaway, simply email your details to, or get in touch on Twitter: @VikkiPatis #CornishReadingChallenge


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