Cornish Reading Challenge 2016: A Sea of Stars by Kate Maryon

Author and Cornish maid Sharon Tregenza reviews A Sea Of Stars by Kate Maryon as part of the Cornish Reading Challenge.

a sea of stars


Twelve-year old Maya wants to go surfing with her friends but her mother is over protective – or does she have a reason to fear for Maya’s safety? Then the wild and wonderful Cat comes on the scene as a prospective sister and life changes dramatically – for everyone.

But Maya isn’t sure if she really wants this massive change in her life. When her parents tell her the news Maya says “And I should have been excited; I should, because who wouldn’t be when their dream has just come true? And I tried very hard to smile about it, but I couldn’t get my lips to work properly. I just froze to the spot and my tummy clenched up as if my insides had turned into this big skipping rope and someone was knotting it up all tight.”

Secrets and tension unfold amid the beauty of the dramatic Cornish coast. Will the two very different girls ever become true sisters?

Maryon’s writing style is effervescent – here sad, there funny, always engaging. The tone is perfect for its Middle Grade readership. You are immediately drawn into the story and care deeply for Maya and her mixed emotions.

Importantly, “A Sea of Stars” is now required reading for all people hoping to adopt in Cornwall and recommended reading for many other counties.

It’s a super book – a bright shining joy of a book. I highly recommend it for readers of all ages. Sharon-pic1

Visit Sharon Tregenza’s website to find out more about her work, or find her on Facebook, sharontregenzabooks, or Twitter,@sharontregenza.


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