Cornish Reading Challenge 2016: Liz Fenwick

Say hello to Liz Fenwick, award-winning author and proper Cornish maid at heart.

Many people ask me why Cornwall? After all I’m not Cornish but it took only one short visit in 1989 for the Duchy to capture my heart. I wish I could give a simple answer but there isn’t one. I can only compare it to my experience of visiting Ireland for the first time and each visit there after…

Let me step back. All four of my grandparents left Ireland to find a new life in America. And they did, carving new places for themselves, finding love and having families. They left their old ways behind and never spoke of it. The only things they kept discoverable were their music and their family ties. Despite this when I touched ground in the ‘old country’ at the age of thirteen, I was ‘home’. It was as if my genetic roots found its soil and connected. The land spoke to me and fed me. We were a part of each other.

So, jumping to 1989 and my first step across the Tamar, my heart and my soul stirred. The landscape called out to me and created an itch that I can’t quite reach. My roots can’t penetrate the mineral-laden soil. Yet my soul sings. It tries to connect. I see stories everywhere. It is as if the only way I can join with Cornwall is to write about it. So I write, wrapping stories around the landscape and the history, trying to hold onto the elusive.

Cornwall stole my heart, and my writing is how I keep it close.

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