Feminista Fashionista

I hope you like feminist rants because that’s kinda my thing.

As you may have realised by now, this blog isn’t all about books. This blog is very outspoken, and is unapologetic with its feminist rants. The popular #InspiringWomen feature is all about celebrating the everyday, fabulous women in our lives, and encouraging others to recognise and embrace their own strengths, beauty, and individuality. And so I wanted to talk a bit about fashion, and how it fits in with a feminist lifestyle.

Despite my best efforts, I am nowhere near artistic, and can just about manage a realistic stickman. But I love designing things. I have big pictures in my head, and want them to come to life. Words are my only tool, my only weapon, my only way to be creative. Words can be incredibly powerful in making statements; they are, as Dumbledore says, our most inexhaustible source of magic.

My outfit of choice is an XL men’s shirt, usually black with some funky design, paired with black leggings, a cardigan or blazer, and some boots. Sometimes I mix things up and wear a skater skirt; other times, an oversized hoodie. I wear these clothes because they’re comfortable, and the leggings mean I can do my physiotherapy during my lunch break without having to get changed. Result.

But sometimes, I want to be bolder. I may not be “on-trend”, but I do love fashion, and what it can mean for women. I’m a body positive feminist, determined to eradicate body-shaming of any kind. I want to free the nipple and protest catcalling, and help every woman feel comfortable in their own bodies. So what did I do? I designed a few shirts.

One evening, I was flicking around on my phone, and I decided to search for websites that allow you to create your own t-shirts. I landed on Shirtinator, and was quite impressed with the layout, so decided to give it a go. 12346388_444206965767478_8921339939163921237_nIt’s honestly quite a good site for the shirt-designing n00b, because it’s simple and easy to use. I managed to design both shirts on my phone, and even paid for it through Amazon (I know right!).

The designing process was super-easy, even on my phone. I pretty much knew what I wanted on my shirts, so I typed it in, arranged it, changed the font, and ta-da! The previews are actually pretty good too; sometimes the previews don’t look anything like the finished product, but on Shirtinator, they do. I can now forewarn people of my tendency to go on feminist rants, and they can take a guess at what my first favourite F word is (pssst, it’s probably feline. Or food). I love the boldness of the shirts; both the words and the designs.

So. I’ve got my feminist shirts, and wear them with pride. What next? There’s the usual choice – hoodies, mugs, keyrings – and other photo-gifts. I settled on a mug and another shirt, but this time, I decided to create some merchandise for the blog.


How cool am I? Too cool for you.

I love having custom things; custom tattoos, custom shirts… I feel like I’m putting my own stamp on my style, and that helps to boost my self-confidence. It may be a small thing, but fashion is just one of the ways we can express ourselves, to celebrate our creativity and individuality, and I’m all behind that.

I’d love to see your custom stuff! Let me know in the comments, or tweet me a picture, @VikkiPatis.

*This is a promotional post*

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