Forestium by Christopher D. Morgan

The Bandwagon reviewer Georgia May Goodall reviews Forestium by Christopher D. Morgan.

11143536_10152812377533067_3407556469870167986_nGeorgia is new to the book reviewing game, but definitely not new to books. She has a passion for anything with magic, mythical creatures or futuristic tech, but is also partial to some cunning crime.

She works in marketing by day, and is more prone to editing stories than writing them, but loves being involved at every level of book production – from start to finish.

Follow her on Twitter for general waffle about books, food and dramatic life events like your sock coming off in your shoe: @g_may_g

Forestium is the first novel by what I’m sure will be an up-and-coming new author, Christopher D. Morgan. It is the first in the Portallas series, which is being marketed as Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure novels and follows the story of 16-year-old Joshua on his quest to find the source of his mysterious dreams.

Forestium is a great, simple introduction to the fantasy genre for very early teens, and its under-arching coming-of-age storyline will be sure to make the story relatable to every young reader. Featuring magic, true friendships, first loves and first heartbreaks, this easy read novel eases readers into Joshua’s world and into the adventure at a steady pace.

Joshua’s father disappeared when he was younger, and has been assumed dead since – but Joshua has been having dreams about a dark stranger that lead him to believe his father is still alive, so the unlikely hero sets out on a quest across the land of Forestium to search for answers. He meets many people and creatures along the way, faces many trials and tribulations, and eventually has to make some very adult decisions to reach his destiny of defeating the horrible Goat. We’re left on a cliffhanger that makes you want to reach for the next book already – can the Goat really be vanquished?

Forestium might not be for the more discerning, experienced fantasy reader, but it’s a great start for a younger audience.

Further reading
Try The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, or The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon.

To find out more about Forestium and the author, click here.

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