When Doves Fly by Lauren Gregory

When I heard about When Doves Fly, I knew I wanted to review it myself. It’s the kind of novel I adore – gritty fiction, set against a harsh, historical backdrop, with fierce women taking centre stage. And I loved it.

Gregory is not afraid to show the brutal nature of the women’s lives, the horrors they had to suffer through. This theme is not unique to the time in which the story is set; in this way, When Doves Fly is every bit contemporary fiction as it is historical.

The protagonist, Lily Wright, is endearing for both her strength and her honesty. Fleeing a violent husband, wandering through the wilderness, opening herself to new love and struggling to make her own way – Lily’s life is far from easy, but her courage and kindness makes her a heroine to enjoy reading about, to look up to.

Lily’s strength shines through in the face of adversity. When it seems as if she has everything under control, the rug is pulled out from under her – and us, the readers – and a whole new level of hell awaits. Gregory isn’t shy in describing horrific sexual abuse or violence, but nor is it gratuitous. Each scene is crafted in a way that shocks you, while drawing attention to the truth – that these things still happen, and that they have never been, nor will they ever be, acceptable.

When Doves Fly is a feminist novel. It’s full of violence and hope, strength and sadness, and it is a story that roots for all women everywhere.

About The Book

Lily Wright flees her cruel husband for the promise of freedom and opportunity in Colorado, but brutality and vice lurk in the remote Rocky Mountains of the 1870s.

In a time when men control every woman’s destiny, Lily craves independence. Taking advantage of a gold rush, she settles in a boomtown and opens a dry goods catering to the miners, outlaws, and fallen women. She builds a new life and forms bonds that banish the ghosts of her past.

But Lily soon discovers the Wild West is a fool’s paradise. The false-fronted saloons and shops cloak a world of addiction and violence. When she stands her ground, jealousy, injustice, and greed exact their dues in ways a lady couldn’t imagine.

Independence has a price. It will cost Lily her sanity and her life, unless she finds the strength.

About The Author

Lauren Gregory, who was raised on a horse farm, discovered a love for writing in sixth grade when she learned she could move people with words. She misplaced that love for a couple decades and traveled the world in the Navy, floundered through two college degrees, and embarked on raising a rowdy son who’s too much like her. She found that love again on a cold November morning in 2013, and they’ve been locked in a tortured embrace ever since. These days, she writes novels, maintains a history blog, and herds poodles in her native Colorado.


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